Other Makers or Unidentified Pieces

Moser Intaglio 1900-1910
   2-handled Fritz Heckert Vase/Bowl
Fritz Heckert Design Shift (AJ)
Red-Spotted Fritz Heckert design by Otto Thamm (AJ)
Heckert Banded decor
  Pair of Opalescent Poschinger Vases
Ferdinand von Poschinger pulled-feather biscuit jar
Ferdinand von Poschinger Aventurine pitcher (AJ)
These vases or barber bottles have been attributed to Poschinger in the Passau Museum. Some of these decors match known Kralik inkwells, proving that they are not Poschinger after all, but Kralik.
      Harrach Cased Cups (with 3-feather markings on base) 
   Harrach Sterling Overlay Rainbow Glass

 Czech Spatter Vase on Cobalt Glass

 Amethyst Glass, Unknown Maker, Similar to Loetz Shape


 Maker Unknown, Possibly Steinschonau

Blue Flashed or Cased Martelé Vase or Barber Bottle 

Unidentified Maker Amethyst Enameled Vase
Unidentified maker, cobalt spiderweb vase 

I have been told that this vase is a rare decor made by Schliersee, so I have changed the attribution from "Possibly Rindskopf"

Harrach "Carneol" vase with enamel
"Flame" vase, most likely by Harrach
Ferdinand von Poschinger Peacock Decor (AJ)
 Fritz Heckert Vase
Fritz Heckert "Silberband" Otto Thamm design (AJ)
These "Silberband" vases had been attributed to Kralik. Recent findings show that they are not Kralik but actually Fritz Heckert pieces. The Passau Museum has already moved these vases into their Heckert displays.
This Decor has been named "Crocus" because of the shape of the 3 flowers on the sides. It should be noted that this is not a name that was applied by the maker. For years it has been thought to be a product of Kralik, due mostly to the shape alone. But because of the colors of the decoration and ground, it has similarities to some Pallme-König decors. The ground is highly UV-reactive.
Poschinger or Kralik Cobalt Crackle Vase
Ferdinand von Poschinger

 2-handled Josephinenhütte Vase

 Unknown Onyx Enameled Vase

 Kralik Candlestick

 Early Unknown Enameled Cobalt Vase

 Unknown Enameled Vase

 Unknown Amethyst Vase with Spelter Decoration

Loetz Silberiris with Sterling Overlay 

Deco Style Bowl, marked Czechoslovakia
Welz or Kralik vase

Kralik Spiraloptisch Vase

Harrach "Carneol" vase, with gold enamel on neck

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