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Argentan, Astglas, Asträa, Astartig, Cephalonia, Chiné, Diaspora, Formosa, Glatt, Martelé, Medina 

1908 Series II Prod. Nr. 5054 Violet Argentan
1901 Series II Prod. Nr. 907 Astglas
Orange Astglas
Orange Astglas

1904 Series II Prod. Nr. 1829 Candia Silberiris Astartig
 Astartig (branch) glass used a highly iridescent gold finish over Candia glass, usually freeform pieces, with small protrusions pulled from the body of the glass
 An exceptionally nice form of Astartig. 1904 Series II Prod. Nr. 1349
1904 Series II Prod. Nr. 1202 Medina Optisch
1904 Series II Prod. Nr. 1775 Cephalonia mit Patinadekor

Creta Chiné


  Pink Chiné

1899 Series I Prod. Nr. 7947 Creta Chiné


 Creta Silberiris Diaspora

 Pink Diaspora 
This color of Diaspora is quite rare. The outer finish is a bright silver.
 Creta pieces are much more common.

 Candia Silberiris Diaspora

 Candia Silberiris Diaspora

 1904 Series II Prod. Nr. 1543 Creta Diaspora

Somewhat related to Diaspora is this pink with Silberiris overlay. The form is 1930 Series III Prod. Nr. 5006. The proper name for this decor is not yet known.

Another vase in a similar decor to the pink above. It also shows up in orange, red and green. More commonly found in Germany than the US. 
 1900 Series II Prod. Nr. 251 Creta Glatt

 1898 Com. 346/444 Creta Glatt Max Emanuel

 1898-9 Com. 346/686 Creta Glatt (C. Dresser)

 1898-9 Com. 346/348 Creta Glatt

 Series II Prod. Nr. 680 Olympia Glatt
 Design by Robert Holubetz for E. Bakalowitz Söhne, Vienna
 1905 Series II Prod. Nr. 2839 Olympia Glatt

 1899 Prod. Nr. 7871/1 Bronce Glatt

 1899 Prod. Nr. 7891/8" Bronce Glatt Tulpenvase

 1900 Series II Prod. Nr. 250 Bronce Glatt

 1900 Com. 346/365 Blattgrün Verlaufend Max Emanuel

Creta Martelé JIP Vase 
Creta Formosa
Loetz Formosa Crackle Variant in Camelienrot

Creta Formosa
Formosa has wandering threading that stands out from the surface of the glass. The threading is silvery blue. Most common are the greens, but you can find pinks as well as other variants of this decor.


Asträa "bag" vase (AJ)
Asträa used Candia, a clear or very pale amber glass, with a finish that has a slight gold tinge to it, with lots of larger honey colored spots
Enameled DEK 1/117
Amethyst Matt Iris with Silberiris Handles and Rim, Acid Oval Czecho-Slovakia mark from after 1918
1898 Series I Prod. Nr. 7580 Rubin Matt Iris (AJ)
1898 Series I Prod. Nr. 7580 Rubin Matt Iris
1899 Series I Prod. Nr. 8050 Rubin Matt Iris
Creta Chiné 1900 Series II Prod. Nr. 814
One of the more common colors offered by Loetz was the Creta, or Crete Green. Chiné refers to the fine threaded decoration added to it.

Creta Chiné Series I Prod. Nr. 6978

 Creta Silberiris Diaspora
Silberiris refers to the addition of a highly iridescent finish, either silver, pale blue, or a deeper blue as seen in this Diaspora. Diasporas have a deeply cratered surface. Kralik also made a type of diaspora, but their craters tended to be shallower, and often showed mold lines on the pieces.

 Candia Silberiris Diaspora

 Candia Silberiris Diaspora

 Creta Diaspora
 1902 Series II Prod. Nr. 2/690 Creta Diaspora
 1900-01 Series II Prod. Nr. 1/652 Creta Glatt
Glatt refers to the smooth finish on these pieces. Very satiny to the touch, with a hint of iridescence. These came in many colors, including Creta, Olympia (a very pale green), Bronce (bronze), Luna (blue top fading to clear at the bottom) as well as some others.

 Creta Glatt w/Ormolu

 1898-9 Prod. Nr. 346/374 Creta Glatt (M. Emanuel)

 1898-9 Com. 346/348 Olympia Glatt

 1900 Series II Prod. Nr. 242 Olympia Glatt (M. Emanuel)
1899 Series I Prod. Nr. 7891/8" Arcadia Tulpenvase
 1898-9 Com. 346/475 Bronce Glatt (M. Emanuel)

 Bronce Glatt

 Bronce Glatt

 1898-9 Com. 346/702 Bronce Glatt (M. Emanuel & Co., London)

Blattgrün Verlaufend 1900 Series II Prod. Nr. 239 or similar

Bronce Martelé Series II Prod. Nr. 239 or similar
Martelé (hammered) pieces have a textured webby appearance. Many companies had their own similar versions of this decor, so pieces often have to be identified by shape.
Creta Martelé JIP vase
3 Different Formosa Decors

Rosa (Pink) Formosa


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