My name is David Littlefield. My wife Gretchen and I began collecting art glass in 1999 and eventually ended up specializing in Czech and Bohemian art glass. I have come to know many other fellow collectors, including Dr. Alfredo Villanueva-Collado, a New York City Czech art glass collector and the author of several articles on this type of glass, and the one person who helped me learn about this glass. 
Most of the glass pictured on my site are pieces I presently own or have owned in the past. If I use photos of someone else's glass, I will put their initials in parentheses. The exceptions are the ones marked (TLC) which indicates that they were purchased from the private collection of a well-known glass artist. I'll try to update the site with new additions as they come in. 
Attributions were made using the various books available and discussions with other Bohemian glass experts on the subject. Be aware that as new information becomes available, these attributions may change. For now, my primary reference books are Ricke's Lötz Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940 Band 1 and Band 2 (with line drawings), and the Passauer Glasmuseum Catalogs Das Böhmische Glas 1700-1950, Band IV, V, VI. Also, I was able to procure a copy of Jitka Lnenickova's "Loetz/Series II", an in-depth, 900-page tome of paper patterns and data from factory invoices that covers only the Series II production from the Loetz factory. 
As a note, the boundaries in the part of Europe where this glass was manufactured occasionally changed, but the factories themselves remained in place. For this reason I will refer to the area as Bohemia.
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