Useful Links

BOOKS AND MAGAZINES  Guenther Staffa, in Germany, has become my indispensable source for books on Czech and Art Nouveau Glass. Check his site out to find out what is new.  A bit expensive for us folks in the USA, but what the heck, it's worth it, since this material is totally unavailable here.  The antiques magazine America needs but does not have . . . since it appears in the UK!  But you can get it through E-Bay.

Collection belonging to David Littlefield, without whose continuous help this website would not have been possible!  The collection of Warren Gallé. Also a contributor to this website. The premier internet source in English for Loetz, Rindskopf, Kralik and Pallme-König glass, designed and created by Eddy Scheepers, from Belgium.
 http://WWW.MADFORGLASS.ES One of the few collections of Czech art glass to be found in Spain. Owner: Rosa Maria Tomas.
Viktoria Dokupil, from Hungary, is a passionate collector of Tango and silver overlay Czech glass.  Malcolm MacFarlane's collection of glass and pottery.

CLUBS Link to the Society of Inkwell Collectors, whose members have been so helpful in my research on Czech glass inkwells. 
Link to the Czech Collectors Association.

Thanks to Kevin Gummer, from Down Under, I can now add these three links related to the Passau Museum.  Do not miss the virtual tour!  directions on how to get there (in German)  Virtual Tour of some of the rooms in the Museum.

For those who want to find out more about the fascinating connection between Joseph Rindskopf and England, and Rindskopf's production of carnival glass, there is no better site than Glen and Steve Thistlewood's website. This clears up why so much Rindskopf glass appears with British hallmarks! Link to the homepage of the Beranek factory. Emanuel Beranek, in the early 1940's, rediscovered bubbly glass, and the rest is glass history!  Jackie and Huub Geurts, from the Netherlands, sold me some of my best WMF Ikora glass, and now have a website where you can view what they have for sale.  Brian Severn's website.  He conducts the Harrach Project.  Great pictures of the Passau Museum.  Tony Abatte's website.  Pure Loetz eye candy! Philip Petrides' great photo reference libary, an indispensable research tool.  A really fun place to shop and visit, owned by Wayne Stevens.  James Collins masterful guide for Loetz beginning collectors.  A link to the Open Salts Collectors Society.  We have just discovered Kralik Open Salts!   A LINK TO GUSTAV E. PAZAUREK'S
ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF BAD TASTE at  This link will take you directly to Phil Petrides' Lexicon of Marks on his website.


There are three contemporary Czech glass artists, Vaclav Stepanek, Igor Muller, and Jan Zeman, who are currently making their own versions of traditional Loetz shapes.  You can view Muller's output at:

You can also view reproductions of Loetz'  Hoffman and Bolek cameo glass made by Sbynek Votocek at:  Bavarian Kunst Ventures offer this eye catching page of Poshinger's new designs in the Jugendstil style.  Saul Alcaraz is the pre-eminent American artist producing glass in the Jugentdstil/Art Nouveau manner.  The fabled Stepanek Studio!  This is a Czech glass factory specializing in REPRODUCTIONS OF LOETZ AND WEINERWORKSTATTE.  Useful for checking out whether that fancy Loetz you bought is a fake.