Kralik 6: Straight mark

Many pieces of Czech glass come marked with the word "Czechoslovakia" or "Tchecoslovaquie" either in a straight line or in two lines.  The font may vary.  At times, the word appears in script, either in a single or double line.  I tend to doubt the veracity of marks applied in what seems to be by hand, either scripted or hand etched, particularly when they appear on pieces known to be Loetz.  But for the moment, let's concentrate on the tipographical mark.  Thanks to David Littlefield, Tom Rood and xx, who contributed with pictures of pieces and marks.

First, the French spelling, in its two variants.  Notice the application, as if acid-etched on the glass:

1. Single line, Int.

2. Corresponding vase, Int.

Now, the same spelling in two lines:

3. Two lines, AVC

4. Corresponding vase

The single line mark appears in different fonts and colors, as in these two vases from David's collection:

5-6 Yellow  vase and mark in white.

7-8. Orange vase and mark

The next group of vases are usually marketed as Pallme-König because of the threading.  However, the marks indicate a Kralik provenance, as well as the trademark scissoring of the neck.  In the picture below, the green and the red are marked, and the purple carries a fake Loetz signature!

9-10-11: Scissored vases and marks.  Notice that the second mark seems incomplete.

A vase similar to the one below appears in the Welz case at the Passau Museum.  However, the mark ties it to the vases above:

12-13: mark in black

Wall pockets also appear with the straight mark:

14-15: Wallpocket and mark

Tom Rood has a number of pieces marked with a straight line in his collection.  It is reasonable to assume they are all Kralik:

I have purposely left out marks in script and "Made in Czecoslovakia" marks.  For the moment, one can say that the straight one-line mark appears in Kralik's Deco and Tango pieces.

If you have any pieces with th straight line mark not included on this page, please send a photo, so they can be added to the inventory.

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