Kralik 10: Stuck On Decoration

Stuck on decoration protrudes from the surface of the vessel.  The first two vases are the only ones of their kind in my collection.  Both are 10.5" high, and  constitute the best (correctly identified, reasonably priced and in perfect condition)  I have found: one in martelé and the other in glatt.  The martelé, shading from white to gold, with green branches and pink leaves, is my absolute favorite.  The other examples come from E-Bay.


1. LEAF DECOR, 10.75"

The dealer called them eggplants!
2. Kralik grape decor, 10.75"

I want to share with you what I have found about vases with applied flowers, made by Kralik.

I have come across a few but never wanted to buy them for reasons of aesthetics and design. Moreover, there was a particular kind, frosted vases in clear or green glass, cut from the top, that I actually thought were contemporary and probably made in China.

I got the shock of my life when, on my 2006 visit with Eddy Scheepers to the Kralik museum in Lenora I found a whole shelf of them. We were not allowed to photograph- the Medusa at the door even threatened to call the police on us if we tried.  But I memorized them.

Upon my return, I was contacted by the West Virginia Museum of American glass to write a forenote to a Czech glass catalog they were reprinting. Lo and behold!  It had several pages of vases with applied flower decoration  The catalog did not identify the maker, but I already knew they were Kralik.  As you well know, Kralik also produced vases with other applied decors.

The catalog does not identify the makers included but is quite specific as to the conditions of sale.  Items could be commissioned in bulk, and delivery was promised three months from receipt of order. Instructions are given in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French, which gives you an idea of intended target markets.  Each piece is meticulously described as to type of glass, type of flower, size and price. Pieces could be made in either clear or green glass (add frosted white, as those i saw at Lenora).  In addition, the catalog identifies other decors such as "Meteor" ( In white frit. I guess we would call them upright seashells on a foot, like "Rocket" vases).  You'll recognize other vases that are commonly sold as PK.

The catalog can be purchased  on E-Bay from
the West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd. Monograph No. 59.  Czech Glass Catalog featuring Kralik Glassworks and Others.(2006).  $14.  No, I do not get a cent out of any sales. 

Another indispensable reference is in Deb and Robert Truitt's Bohemian Glass 1880-1940, not under Kralik but under Carl Hosch (74-75). There you will find 5 pages of Kralik flower vases and epergnes which were distributed through Hosch.

Sample page from Truitt.

My collection now includes several Kralik applied flower pieces (and more coming)  Another example has been provided by Deborah Fitzsimmons..

A deliberate reference to early Loetz vases. Desirable,rare,  gorgeous, useless and anxiety-provoking.  But I love it! This small (6") vase shows a lot of work.

3. Kralik tube vase, 6.5"

4. Kralik tube vase 7"

5. Kralik tube vase 7"

This next vase came with a paper label: Made In Czecho-Slovakia

6. kralik tube vase 7"


8. This solifleur is 10"

9. Yellow flower vase, 12"

10. Clear flower vase, 10.5"

11. Deb's vase.  Notice: no ribs. 3.5"

The next vases all come from Internet.

Two vases with different colored cherries.  Notice the poor design--the cherries hang too low on the side of the vases.  That's why it's preferable to get taller vases.  The taller the better.

11. Purple cherries

12. Pink cherries

This vase is being sold as Loetz for $439.95!!!! Gimme a break.

13, Kralik grape decor

It is difficult to classify this next decor, provided by Craig Orkney.  It looks like an undeveloped grape bunch, or a flower:

14. Grape, flower or blob?

Same shape, but upright: this time it looks like a flower or maybe a marine plant.  Wait,  this is really applied and not stuck on!

15. Marine plant decor

Probably from the 30's.

If any one reading this page wants to add a decor, send picture to  Question dealers who offer these vases as Loetz, but also lead them to the information available.  I am looking for a grape vase and a cherry vase (the taller the better, no bowls).

Kralik 9: Applied Decoration