Welcome to an index of the writings of Professor David V. Loertscher coversing the past decade or so together with  source documents whenever possible

Here is a quick visual guide to the various pages on this site that provide the details.

The Learning Commons concept is covered in a set of four books that lay out a vision with practical examples covering the transformation of K-12 libraries.

QuickMOOC. For a 2-3 hour professional development "course" about the creation of the physical learning commons,, consider working through lots of gallery rooms on various topics with a group or as an individual.  The cost is $10 and can be ordered at LMCSource.com

The Virtual Learning Commons page contains a description of the book, but it also contains four different templates that are free on the web for teacher librarians to use to help construct thi=eir own VLC as a participatory community available 24/7 and that allows everyone in the school to help build, maintain, and use as a lerning culture.

Learning Posters is a collection of various posters that can be used with young People as they approach projects  that require them to explore the world of information and technology. The posters are free and downloadable so they can be printed in large poster size.

WikiScribi is a global literacy initiative that encourages young people to write poetry, stories, and cultural essays in their own language to share with other young people on cell phones.

The Year of the Learning Commons is  an opportunity to celebrate the transformation of the traditional school library into a participatory culture that is client centered. The website has events, news, resources an an opportunity for teacher librarians to register to participate.

The Treasure Mountain Research Retreat proceedings extend back over 20 years.

Instructional Designs that rasie the bar on leanring experiences that are cotaught by classroom teachers and teacher librarians have been created. The Beyond Bird Unit book is just one resource  and other additional designs ranging from eimi-constructivist to constructivist have been created.

Collection Development is a book that views the curation and acquisiton of resources in a very different way known as colleciton mapping.  In this concept, budgets for formats such as books, multimedia, databases, etbooks, etc. are replaced by chunking the collection into  topics that serve the needs of the curriculum and interests of the patrons.

The power of teacher librarians who coteach alongside classroom teachers is demonstrated and described in research, articles and a full collection of published articles in book form

The Young Adult Literature & Multimedia book is revised almost every year as a brief guide to a wide variety of genres for the young adult. It is a gude to what is current in farioys types of fiction, informational topics, film, and literate.

Google Apps for Education explores the possibilities for learning in a collaborative environment.

A document aimed at the Commons Core Standards gives with Kathryn Lewis gives a plethora of ideas for teacher librarians.