20160503 - a glimpse under the hood

posted 11 May 2016, 05:53 by Charles Greene   [ updated 11 May 2016, 15:08 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin ]

I've shown you a little bit of the "all-fun part" of my work abroad. How would you like to steal a glimpse under the hood?

We are about to finish a project for a group of 200 students brought by Chabad from Moscow. Most of the students would not describe themselves as observant, just friends of chabad.

Besides seamless organization, exciting schedule, great tour guides and itinerary to remember for a long time, the food must be perfect both in quality and kashrut requirements of the hassidic crowd (if we don't stand up to the latter standards, the group leaders won't let us serve anything suspect; mess up the former - and their young protégés will head off to the nearest McDonald's). 
Here's some last-minute final shopping on the morning of their arrival. 

20160503 - Shopping for Chabad dinner in Makro, Barajas

Just dropped by to pick a few bric-a-bracs, mere 7 carts will do it. Even the warehouse employees seem kinda impressed. Think I'll pull a Waldo on this one. Can you see me? Can you see me?

The good news is, if anyone's unhappy with their food, quarters, itinerary or anything else, we'll know very soon, sure enough.

20160504 - First night Chabad dinner, Madrid

They seem happy enough, don't they? Especially considering their flight, scheduled to land at 23:00, only finally made an appearance at 1:27 am
And still, they came for dinner. That's what I call dedication! These guys are even more determined than most minyan goers.

Behind my right shoulder you can see my partner in crime, Rabbi Yaakov Luft. He wears a white hat so he must be a good guy.

That's all for tonight, I'm going to bed with your kind indulgence. 
Will post more in a few days, promise.

Rabbi Eli