posted 3 Sep 2019, 20:28 by Charles Greene

Where in the World is Rabbi Eli?

"Where in the World" is fun to read when your rabbi is globe-trotting like crazy, sending communiques from Cote d'Ivoire today, Honolulu tomorrow, and the Queen Maud Land a week later.

But can I keep you sufficiently entertained after a month in Scotland? Well... let's see. Today, instead of a story, you get a little poem I found in a New Jersey Schule bulletin about 20 years ago.

From my stash, I bring you:

What’s in a name?

“In Aberdeen that bonny town

a house was full of joy

as MacPherson told his happy wife,

How grand! It is a boy!

Aye that it is, his wife agreed,

what shall we call the lad?

A good Scot’s name will do him proud.

maybe Angus like his dad.

Nay, lass, MacPherson then replied,

a better name I see

I have the lad’s name all picked out,

we’ll call him Yehudi!

Stop your jesting, said his wife,

this is indeed absurd,

of a Yehudi MacPherson pray

what Scot has ever heard?

Well, I don’t know, her husband said,

But silly it is not,

for my friend Epstein, in New York,

has named his first born “Scot.”   

Sending my best regards and Shabbat Shalom from (as it happens) Aberdeenshire,

Rabbi Elish MacCourante