20160509_Costa da Caparica-Chabad BBQ

posted 15 May 2016, 06:51 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin

20160509 - Costa da Caparica, Chabad BBQ

After Shabbat in Seville, the group will spend barely more than 24 hours in Portugal before going home.

There, they enjoy encounters with the members of Lisbon Jewish community, roam the steep hilly streets of Chiado, negotiate the labyrinths of Alfama and catch a late night performance of Lisbon street music, fado.

It's too bad really I don't have the time to share with them the fascinating stories of the crypto-Jews of Belmonte and Castelo de Vide. Their hidden ways that allowed them to maintain their Jewish identity in strictest secret over 400 years (when discovered accidentally in 1917, they believed themselves to be the only Jews in the world), their unusual customs and prayers, and the delicious white sausages - alheiras - they would make of poultry and bread, to look like pork and divert suspicion by hanging them over the doorstep.

(Our chef makes the best, meanest alheira you've ever seen - or that I've ever tasted. Oh well, next time, next group.)

The group leaders asked for a picnic on the ocean just before leaving for the airport. The weather is iffy, so we had to rent a cabin-style beach bar for shelter.


On the left, you see the door of the piece of art that is our mobile kitchen. (This week, her name is Bluma; we often let the guests give her a temp name)

There's the ocean, right behind us.

Costa da Caparica, Chabad BBQ_w600.jpg

Once we bid farewell, got to drive to Barcelona in time to catch the Roman ferry in 30 hours.