20160420 - Napoli Synagogue

posted 18 May 2016, 14:52 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin

20160420 - Napoli Synagogue

I was going to tell here a fair bit about the Jewish community and the synagogue of Naples.

However, got held up with the group (not sorry for it either, we vet our clients so the group is charming as usual), so here's a link instead:


Napoli Synagogue_w600.jpg

It's a good read, not too long and not too crafty with words.

One notion: although most of the community members are Italian Sephardic, the Torah scrolls are Ashkenazi, horizontal-table-top variety as opposed to the Sephardic stand-up ones. That's yet another feature of the Rotschild heritage (see the article).

20160420_Conad - kosher bread in Napoli_w600.jpg

If you require kosher bread made by a Jew ("Pas Yisroel"), here's the only shop in all of Southern Italy that sells it (ask me for the address the next time you are headed here). If you want kosher meat, that must come from Rome.