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Thursdays (see schedule)
7:30 PM

Lodzer Kiddush Room

If you haven't attended before, please feel free to join us.  Having read the book is not a prerequisite to come out and enjoy this group, share thoughts and pick up ideas on books you'd like to read.

If interested contact:
by Rachel Kadish

Feb. 14 - My Father’s Paradise:  A Son’s Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq
by Yona Sabar
by Lev Golinkin
by Carol Off

June 20 - The Other Woman
by Daniel Silva
Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Service
with Cantor David Young and his choir.

January_5_2019  (28 Tevet)
Tuesday, January 8th at 8:00 pm
Rehearsal/Photo session for the Sisterhood Shabbat.
Beautiful Service
Delicious Four-Course Dinner
A Chance to spend time with your Lodzer Family!
FRIDAY JANUARY 18th 6:30 pm
Rabbi's Class for Women

On the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise advertised.
7_00 -- 8_00 PM

Monday, January 21 - Education of Women Throughout Jewish History (continues)
Monday, February 18 -
Monday, March 18 -
Craft Beers and Finger Foods
With Jeff Shabes and Rafi Remez (JRAF)

Thank you!!

I'd like to thank all our volunteers and supporters who have helped the Yezidi community during 2018.  The contributions you have made to the lives of our Yezidi families are invaluable.  Through your efforts we distributed clothing and household goods, provided English tutors to many families, facilitated the donations of bicycles, helmets, and school bags, collected and distributed Loblaws cards, and are now sponsoring eleven Yezidi families under the JAS program which allows them a second year of government funding.  So many of you directly involved with the families have been driving Yezidis to countless medical and dental appointments.  We helped organize and participated in many community events and excursions that brought the Yezidi community some joy.  As well, we completed and submitted the application for a family of six under the private sponsorship program for family reunification and are now waiting for the family to arrive. Without your help none of this would have been possible!

As we move forward, our ongoing family support program will become even more important.  As you know, many of our Yezidi families will be losing their one-year (or two-year under JAS) refugee financial assistance but so many aren’t yet ready to make it on their own.  Most of the severely traumatized women do not have the ability to function in English and almost none have a skill set that enables them to be self-sufficient. 

Over the past year, we have learned from other settlement organizations that the Yezidis stand out among other refugee communities.  Their extreme trauma, sometimes coupled with a lack of education, is making it difficult for many of them to progress in the refugee programs currently being offered.  Unless we can provide programs tailored to their special needs, many of the women will not thrive.  We are working with our partner organizations to address this issue but without the necessary funding it will be hard to create the programs that we know they need for their recovery and to begin living productive lives here in Canada.

We are asking for donations so that Project Abraham can continue to provide the support the Yezidi community so desperately needs.  In addition to our website and Facebook page, we have now created a YouTube channel with our own videos that talk about the issues and problems facing the Yezidi community in Canada.   Please subscribe to our new Mozuud / Project Abraham Youtube channel and share it with your own network of friends and family.  We need to send out our message of support for our GTA community of Yezidi survivors of ISIS to as many people as possible.  With your help we can achieve our fundraising goal and continue to provide compassionate support for the Yezidi community.
All the best to you and your family in the coming New Year!
Yezidi Faces is a portrait of Yezidis survivors of ISIS  who have found refuge in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada contrasted with those suffering in refugee camps.
With gratitude, 
Executive Director
Project Abraham/MozuudRSVP
1953 - 2018
12 Heaton Street, M3H 4Y6  (416) 636-6665

We welcome you to join us for weekly Shabbat Services
and special musical Shabbat Services for Rosh Chodesh
with Cantor David Young and his choir.
Shabbat Rosh Chodesh dates for 5779:
January_5_2019  (28 Tevet)
February_2_2019  (27 Shevat)
March_2_2019  (25 Adar I)
March_30_2019  (23 Adar II)
May_4_2019  (29 Nissan)
June_1_2019  (27 Iyar)
June_29_2019  (26 Sivan)

Yiskor services will be held on:
Saturday_April_27_2019 -- 8th day of Pesach  (22 Nissan)
Monday_June_10_2019 -- Shavuot  (7 Sivan)

Where in the world is Rabbi Eli?
By the breath of God the ice is formed, and the wide waters freeze solid  Iyov, 37:10
Rabbi Eli’s Shabbat Service Schedule
These are the dates our Rabbi will officiate
Shabbat Services in the next few weeks.
Jan 5, 12, 19
Cemetery plots for sale to members in good standing (three years minimum).
If you are a member (3 years or more) and want to buy a plot, the cost per plot is $2500.
If you know anyone wanting a plot - the person can pay three years' membership dues and then be entitled to buy a plot. This is an opportunity to purchase before prices increase.

Please consider sponsoring a kiddush, or contributing to the building, programming, or any specific interest fund.

If anyone has tickets for any event that they would like to donate to the shul please let the office know. It is a simple way to raise money for our synagogue so please donate spare tickets and bid generously.

Tree of Life or Seat Plaques
Remember family and friends by purchasing a leaf on our tree of life or a sanctuary seat plaque.

Lodzer Sisterhood Cookbooks
Great Gifts – just $20 each

Siddur Dedications
As you know, we now use the new-new siddur. For the low-low price of $18 per book these may be dedicated to your loved ones, yourself, family members and as gifts, or simply to support the shul.

Making a difference to our shul
The Board along with Rabbi Eli are setting a new direction for our shul. "We are making changes to shul services and programming, and becoming more of a community." The Board discusses procedures and suggested innovations on a monthly basis. "We're not alone in this and would greatly appreciate your help."
If you have any suggestions please give them, in writing to Sarah, and, if you wish to speak at our monthly Monday night Board meeting about your ideas, concerns, or interests, again, please let Sarah know. 
"It is your shul. We want and need your input."
Daily Minyan
Sunday – Friday: 9:00 am
Run by Arthur Zins
- includes Breakfast following.
Come Daven, Fress & Schmooze

Saturdays: Shabbat Service
Birkot ha-Shachar 9:12 AM
  - Led by Frank Steiman
Yishtabach 9:30 AM
includes Kiddush Luncheon

Chesed Committee
Please call the shul office if you need support or if you know of one of our members who may need support. It remains confidential.

Want to contact the Rabbi?
Rabbi Eli is eager and very happy to speak to our congregants on a one-on-one basis about personal or shul issues. Please e-mail him at with your phone number and he will call you as soon as possible.

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