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Shabbat Bulletin - April 1, 2017

Making Shul and Judaism an important part of our Lifestyle

Cantor Young and his choir will be conducting services on April 1st


“Everyone knows that the Jews have survived as a people, and nobody really knows why. They think we have a secret book, and we do, but its identity is more obvious than most would think. The secret book of the Jews is the Passover Haggadah. We have a guidebook for a ceremony that we do in our homes, every year, in order to teach the next generation.”

Yaakov “Dry Bones” Kirschen

Checkout: The Dry Bones Passover Haggadah

Oy. You should have come to Japan with me.

Who will show you the best teahouse in Gian, introduce you to the fine arts of Japanese calligraphy, ikebana, and kabuki theatre? Who will teach you how to properly wear a kimono, choose and eat your sashimi or sit through a tea ceremony?

Let us hope you’ll join me next time, and make up for what you are missing. Besides, the sakura is ready to blossom in Kyoto…

Is your rabbi the first Jew in Japan? Hardly!
The first Jews that we know of came here in 1861, settling in Yokohama, just north of Tokyo. 10 years later, there were about 50 Jewish families, most of them American businessmen. In 1895, the first Schule was established.

By the early 20th century, a few thousand Jews lived in Japan. Most of the Japanese were unaware of their existence, thinking Jews to be a Christian sect of sorts. However, antisemitism was introduced here after WWI with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, during what’s known as Taishō period. Certain differences between Western and Japanese mindset had a peculiar effect here; for instance, when the Japanese encountered the Church’s accusation of Jews killing Christ, their reaction was more of admiration than spite. Rather than concluding that Jews were deeply immoral, they figured that if these people were so powerful that they could even kill a god, it would be wise to somehow befriend them and harness their abilities to the greater good of Japan.

Cossack White Army general Grigory Semyonov, a vehement anti-Semite in charge of getting the Protocols translated and published in Japan, wrote in exasperation about his conversation with a Japanese counterpart who told him: ‘So they killed your god, essentially won the battle and were victorious. Is that war still going on or are you just being sore losers?’…

Anti-semites are estimated to make about 0.001% of Japanese population today.

The prominent friends of the Jews included the late Prince Mikasa (Emperor Hirohito’s youngest brother, died less than half a year ago) who spoke fluent Hebrew and was for many years patron to both the Tokyo JCC and the Japan-Israel Friendship Association; Setsuzō Kotsuji, an influential hereditary Shinto priest who converted to Judaism in the late 1950’s; and the members of the Christian sect Makuya who act as passionate advocates of Israel, send their youth on pilgrimage there, and volunteer for the kibbutz – without ever trying to proselytize among Jews. The founder of Makuya (the official name is Ohel Mo’ed, reference to the biblical “Tent of the Meeting”, but ‘Oheru Moeydu’ is the closest sound reproduction that Japanese phonetics will allow) mixed protestant beliefs with the teachings of Rabbi Avaraham Kook, Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel… Yep. It’s an eclectic approach.

All in all, those who like Jews and Israel are maybe 2-3 times the number of the anti-Semites in this country. The rest could care less one way or the other.

Yet it was Japan that provided unlikely and unexpected refuge to thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. We’ll get back to that part next week, see you in Shanghai.
Meanwhile, here are a few pictures.

Story continues below...

See you next week.
Shabbat Shalom,


“Let my Minions go!”


We are the Lodzer Morning Minyanaires

Sun-Fri: Morning Minyan Needed

Sponsored breakfasts following

Morning minyans on these dates:

Friday, March 31

Please inform Sarah if you will be attending morning services

for an upcoming Yahrzeit.

Always a good breakfast following!


Two from our congregation are currently observing shloshim.

May God comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Siddur Dedications

by Arthur Zins & Doris Greening

 In honour of the Yahrzeits

of Sarah Senior's

and Howard Sniatowski’s

beloved mother and father

In honour of the Yahrzeit

of Roz Greene's

and Howard  Iseman's

and Linda Rosenberg’s

dear mother

In honour of the Yahrzeit

of Esther Kaufman's

dear mother

Arthur Zins - The Mitzvah King


Life  Moments


March 25  Dorothy Tessis
March 26  Barbara Lew
March 30  Rick Kardonne

April 1  Maja Malc
April 3  Phyllis Broder
April 4  Ellen Dagan
April 4  Esse Goldberg
April 5  Tammy Remez


March 28  Fred & Esther Bloch

Mazel Tov! - Call Sarah.


March 25  Henry Wildbaum, father of Jenny Finkelshtain
March 27  Raphael Yelin, nephew of Sheldon Richmond
March 28  Avraham Gerber, husband of Lily
March 28  Muriel  Iseman,

                 mother of Roz Greene and Howard Iseman
March 28  Zalman Leib Sosner, father of Sarah Moshe
March 31  Leon Sniatowski, father of Sarah Senior

April 1  Harry Goldenhar, father of Cindy Ber
April 1  Mark Hellreich, husband of Honey
April 1  Regina Kozlowski, mother of Mary Bien,

            Phyllis Rich and Paula Litman
April 1  Bella Sniatowski,

            mother of Sarah Senior and Howard
April 2  Joseph Ladowski, husband of Brenda
April 4  Aba Gelman, husband of Mary
April 3  Jessie Leah Levine Loshin,

            mother of Marilyn Richmond
April 5  Abe Martin, father of Sonny
April 5  David Steiman, father of Frank


Take Your Soul to Work - By Erica Brown

On Immortality

“It’s hard to face death without thinking of Woody Allen:

‘ I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work…. I want to achieve it through not dying’

‘If it turns out that there is a God, I don’t think he’s evil. But the worst that you can say about him that basically he’s an underachiever.’

‘Death doesn’t really worry me that much, I’m not frightened about it… I just don’t want to be there when it happens.’”

What really happened at the top of Sinai...

G-d: And remember Moses, in the laws of keeping Kosher, never cook a calf in its mother's milk. It is cruel.

Moses: Ohhhhhh! So you are saying we should never eat milk and meat together.

G-d: No, what I'm saying is, never cook a calf in its mother's milk.

Moses: Oh, Lord forgive my ignorance! What you are really saying is we should wait six hours after eating meat to eat milk so the two are not in our stomachs.

G-d: No, Moses, what I'm saying is, don't cook a calf in its mother's milk!!!

Moses: Oh, Lord! Please don't strike me down for my stupidity! What you mean is we should have a separate set of dishes for milk and a separate set for meat and if we make a mistake we have to bury that dish outside....

G-d: Ah, do whatever you want. I’ll text you the rest....


1. no1 b4 me. srsly.
2. dnt wrshp pix/idols
3. no omg's
4. no wrk on w/end (sat 4 now; sun l8r)
5. pos ok - ur m&d r cool
6. dnt kill ppl
7. :-X only w/m8
8. dnt steal
9. dnt lie re: bf
10. dnt ogle ur bf's m8. or ox. or dnkey. myob.





March 28

1 Nisan

Rosh Chodesh


Better Safe than Sorry!



April 1

5 Nisan


David Young

and Choir



9:12 AM

Led by

Frank Steiman

Please help us out by coming early…

We need a minyan to start!


9:30 AM

This week’s kiddush

is sponsored by:

Sarah Senior and family


Howard Sniatowski

in memory of

Leon and Bella


Torah Times

Torah Reading: Triennial Year 1

Parashat: Vayyikra

1: 1:1-4 (pg. 410)
2: 1:5-9
3: 1:10-13
4: 1:14-17
5: 2:1-6
6: 2:7-13
7: 2:14-16
maftir: 2:14-16 (p.415)

Haftarah: Isaiah

43:21 - 44:23 (pg. 424)

Candle Lighting: 7:26 p.m. – Friday

Havdalah: 8:35 p.m. – Saturday

A special D’var Torah for our times.

Geoffrey Clarfield will speak.


April 2

1 - 3 PM





Lower Sanctuary


Kiddush Rm.

Come meet with Yazidis


Project Abraham:

The initiative of the Mozuud Freedom Foundation to help save Yazidis from genocide.

All are welcome to join us to hear about the latest updates in Yazidi news, Project Abraham developments, planned events, and how concerned people can help.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Coordinator/Project Abraham



The Yazidis are beginning to arrive and, while there is much to celebrate,  there is also so much to do.  There is something for everyone.  Please get back to me if you are interested in getting involved in any of the following:

1. Become part of a resettlement group (RG) to help the new arrivals to settle and integrate into their new life.

2. Help with the application process.

3. We are beginning an ESL conversation class for our Yazidi community.  We need English-speaking helpers…

4. We are ready to approach corporations to ask for sponsorship of Project Abraham.  If you have a connection to…

5. Bring more people to Project Abraham to help out.

Have a great week!  Debbie

April 2
7:30 PM

Movie Night

At the Lodzer

All are welcome!


followed by Q&A,


Don’t mess with

Italy’s missionary



Rabbi Barbara Aiello


Kulanu Canada supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world who wish to learn more and want to reconnect with the wider Jewish community.
Kulanu also strives to raise awareness of these isolated communities to the Jews in Canada.


San Nicandro Garganico is a town and comune in the province of Foggia in the Apulia region of southeast Italy.

Together with Kulanu, the Lodzer will be showing the film

The Mystery of San Nicandro

The facts, in brief, concern a cobbler named Donato Manduzio, who returned from World War I to his small hometown in Puglia with disabling wounds and a spiritual thirst. Gradually, he attracted a following in San Nicandro as a preacher and faith healer; and then, upon receiving the gift of a Bible in Italian translation, he became an avid student of the Hebrew scriptures, which previously had been closed to him.

By the late 1920s, he had identified himself as a Jew—apparently without knowing that Jews still existed elsewhere in the world—and had begun to lead his disciples into a revival of Mosaic religion. When news came to them of an organized Jewish community in Rome, Manduzio’s group enthusiastically requested formal recognition, which was denied. Even had the San Nicandro congregation not been so idiosyncratic, Italy’s rabbinate would have been hard-pressed to welcome it in the 1930s at the height of Fascism.

The San Nicandro group received no fellowship until the soldiers of Britain’s Jewish Brigade rolled into town and were astonished to see their Star of David insignia matched by the locals. The great majority of the San Nicandro Jews subsequently emigrated to the newly established State of Israel, where they again had trouble achieving acceptance from the rabbinate. Today most of the surviving members of the community and their offspring live in Israel, while another group, descended from the handful who stayed behind, continues to reside in San Nicandro. (Roger Pyke)


April 3

Week 5

Karate lessons

For Seniors

Join us

with open hands

and Kick back!

Mondays & Fridays


Kiddush Breakfast

(10 - 11 AM)ish

Dojo Lodzer

Upstairs Hall

Kiai - Sen!


Our very own Black belt, David Birken, will be leading the class

Karate for Seniors

$5.00 donation to the shul, per class waived for those that attend the morning minyan.

Wear sneakers and non-restrictive clothing.

Learn a Dynamic new skill for Fun and Focus - at YOUR own pace!

Morning Minyanaires - developing body, mind and spirit - we daven, fress, sometimes walk, and now… we kick butt.

Karate Kata 1 - Heian Shodan

Focus, Respect, Self-Control

“If you can’t do it slow, you can’t do it fast”


April 5

7:30-8:30 pm

Shul Kiddush


All are



to the public

at no cost


Parsha of The Week

with Judy Hazan

Join this lively group every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM at The Lodzer where we study the week’s sedra together.

Classes are informal and no prior knowledge or preparation is required.

The purpose of the class is to learn the story of the parsha, determine its most important elements and tie its morals and lessons into our daily lives.

Judy Hazan 416-704-1693


April 8

12 Nisan



9:12 AM

Led by

Frank Steiman

Please help us out by coming early…

We need a minyan to start!


9:30 AM



It is our job (Israel) to show that we are here in order to unite, and spread that unity throughout the world, to all the nations. Being “a light unto nations” means setting an example of brotherhood and mutual responsibility, of care, consideration, and empathy, precisely what the world needs most. The mutual responsibility we established at the foot of Mt. Sinai was a “proof of concept,” if you will. But now it’s time to spread it and help the world find peace.

Just as we emerged from the oppression of the ego when we came out of Egypt, our postmodern, hyper techie world is looking for an escape route from egoism that has become malignant. We, like Moses, have to show the way. Without our example of overcoming hatred, humanity will break itself to pieces.  inContext


April 9



April 19


Rabbi Eli’s



Where in the

World is

Rabbi Eli.


Join Rabbi Eli for…

Passover in Campania

April 9-19, 2017

Pesach in Italy Village resort by the Tyrrhenian Sea in Campania, Southern Italy located between Naples and Rome. 200 private entrance townhouse-style apartments, soccer, volleyball, tennis courts, mini-golf, 2 swimming pools. Affordable vacation in Jewish environment with glatt kosher Italian cuisine, and abundant choice of day trips.



April 10

14 Nisan

Erev Pesach

1st Seder


April 11

15 Nisan

2nd Seder


April 18

22 Nisan

Pesach 9th day

7 Omer


They tried to kill us.

They failed.

Let’s eat.

No bread for a week.

Work is forbidden.

Congratulate yourselves on the last day.

Chag Sameach


Q: How is a good sermon like a piece of matza?

A: They both should take less than 18 minutes to make!

April 19,



The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising refers to the armed resistance of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in the early months of 1943. It should not be confused with the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, in which the non-Jewish Poles rose up against Nazi oppression (although some survivors of the Ghetto Uprising did join this fight). The latter was a bid for freedom, with a realistic chance of success; the former was the decision to die fighting, rather than accept death at the German execution camps.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In 1939 the Germans had invaded Warsaw and taken control of the city; by November of 1940 they had ordered all the Jews in the capital into a three mile square area, dubbed the Warsaw Ghetto.


Approximately 13,000 Jews were killed during the Uprising, with another 50,000 rounded up and deported to death camps. A few escapees continued to fight in the forests, whilst some who were arrested were later freed by the Polish underground forces and joined the Warsaw Uprising. An estimated 300 German troops died in the struggle.


April 23

27 Nisan






Yom Hashoah was inaugurated in 1953 as a day for the citizens of Israel to remember those murdered during the Holocaust.



April 23

2 PM

Adath Israel
37 Southbourne

Simultaneous and related program:

Miles Nadal JCC
750 Spadina

$Free of charge$

416.635.2883 x5301


Community Holocaust Commemoration




Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre,
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

FAST - Fighting Antisemitism Together


April 27

1 Iyar

Rosh Chodesh




April 27

8 - 9 PM

1st Session

Kiddush Room

The cost is $150.00 for 10 classes.  We request a minimum commitment of $75.00 for 5 classes.


Hebrew Classes

Will run for 10 weeks.  All who expressed interest are invited to attend the first class.  At that time we students will decide with our teacher, Ella Kaplan, if and when a class at a different level will run.  

We're planning that there will be subsequent sessions.  We'd like this project to be on-going and hopefully growing.


Looking forward to learning Hebrew together,

RSVP -  Before April 10 / Pesach


May 4

7:30 PM

Shul Kiddush



Dr. Sima Goel


Book Chat

with Cathy Zeldin

Fleeing the Hijab_w200.jpg

Fleeing the Hijab

Sima Goel's true account of her escape from 1980's Iran as a Jewish teenager.

I desired a different life where I could speak my mind and read whatever I pleased.

Sima believed that if you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for.



June 2

Oneg Shabbat

Reserve Now!

Children Under 13yrs $20

Non Members $50

Members $40

Call Sarah!


A special Oneg Shabbat

in honour of Marcel Cohen.

Our Chazzan and Punmeister, Marcel Cohen is heading for the "Big Apple".

D-G’s best friend

November 2





The Balfour Declaration, written as a letter on November 2, 1917, from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to British Jewish leader Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, pledged British support for a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. The declaration is one of the iconic documents in, and represents one of the great moments of, Zionist history.

“His Majesty's Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Arthur Balfour


Pirkei Avos

The world endures on three things - justice, truth and peace...

Pirke Avoth Perek 3 Mishnah 23

Note 1: The sections  are taken from Ethics from Sinai by Irving M. Bunim and Visions of the Fathers by Twerski.   Sentences of the text in quotes have been taken verbatim. All relate to Mishnah 23.  The Questions are my own.

Rabbi Elazar Hima said: The laws about the sacrifices of birds and the ritual purification of women are essential ordinances; astronomy and geometry are the “minor, side dishes” of wisdom.

Ethics from Sinai

“The sciences of mathematics and astronomy hold a respected place in Jewish learning. The Talmud asks: How do we know that it is a mitzvah for a man to study the science of astronomy [a meritorious deed that he is obligated to do]? For it is written, ‘Then keep them and do them, for this is to be your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples. What is this ‘wisdom and understanding’ which will be apparent as such to the eyes of the nations? This is surely the wisdom of astronomy.”

Question: Is this a Jewish justification for Jewish love of learning things like the sciences rather than concentration on Torah study?

“Rabbi Elazar Hisma knew that this science is important. He was himself noted for his knowledge of physics and astronomy. Nevertheless here he designates such  sciences as the ‘minor dishes’ of wisdom. Minor dishes may be served before, during, or after a meal, to add interest or variety; they are the appetizers, side dishes, desserts, tidbits - never to be served as main dishes. In other words, these sciences, while important, are yet only auxiliary and secondary. What is primary is Torah. What is central is its life-giving law.”

Question: Is this saying that a life lived according to Torah is more important than a life of dedication to a science that can physically improve the world? Do you agree, and is it a question that is impossible to answer?

“… when we apply a knowledge of astronomy in computing the beginnings four lunar months and Festivals, {or for any other religious calculation}these sciences are put to their highest use: to help us serve our Creator and obey Him properly. The ‘minor dishes’ enhance the ‘main dishes’ of Torah.”

“Astronomy and mathematics are ‘pure sciences’. Ostensibly, to work properly in a ‘pure ‘ science , you must be as objective as possible. The subjective elements in person working in mathematics are shunted completely aside. Outside,ulterior purposes or ends have no place in the study of a ‘pure’ science.  As soon as someone begins to apply the knowledge, the discoveries of science for human end, his science in no longer ‘pure’, it is ‘applied’. The ideal of science is knowledge for knowledge’s sake.”

“Contrast this with Torah. The purpose of a sacrifice is to afford man, expiation, to lead him to repentance of his sins. The purpose of Jewish family purity is to ennoble the Jewish family and restore balance and restrain in man’s relationship with his wife. The purposes of Torah law, Divine in origin, are entirely human and subjective.”

“Science … deliberately and successfully leaves out the most important things in human life: man’s hopes and fears, his anxieties and ideals, his emotions and values. …  For our deeper, ultimate problems are about ourselves and our fellow human beings. It is Torah, not science, which is the Almighty’s gift to us to offer guidance and point a way through a dark and perplexing journey.”

Question: Do you agree with the description of science and the description of  the interplay between science and religion?

Visions of the Fathers

“Solomon says,’It is better to hear the rebuke of a wise man than one who hears the song of fools’. R’Bunin of P’shische noted that it would have been more appropriate to say, ‘ It is better to hear the rebuke of a wise man than to listen to the songs of fools.’ or ‘It is better to hear the rebuke of a wise man - from someone who has listened to the song of fools. Why? Because if the wise man is a scholar who has spent all his days studying Torah, someone might dismiss his rebuke, with ‘What does he know? Had he been exposed to the enjoyable pastimes of life, he would not condemn them’. However, if someone who has tasted these pleasures of life tells us how worthless they are and that the true value lies in the study of Torah, his words will be given greater weight. Having experienced both, he is capable of judging the value of both.”

“Many of our great Torah scholars were brilliant in the physical sciences and philosophy, but what they held most important was the study of Torah.”

“A meal without condiments is nutritional, although it may be enhanced by relishes, but no one makes a meal of only relish.”

Rabbi Elazar Hisma was a tanna of the second century CE, of the second and third generations. A disciple of Rabbi Akiva and Rabban Gamaliel 11, but mainly of rabbi Joshua ben Hananyah, he was outstanding not only in his vast Rabbinic learning, but also in the sciences. When Rabbi Joshua presented him and Rabbi Ben Nuri to Rabban Gamaliel, he stated that they could calculate the number of drops of water in the ocean. Despite their learning, the two were extremely poor, without adequate food or clothing, as Rabbi Joshua also informed Rabban Gamaliel the nasi. At that, the nasi appointed them to well-paid positions, making them supervisors at his academy. At first the two would not attend the academy. Rabat Gamaliel the nasi sent for item. ‘Do you think I am giving you sovereignty?’ he asked. ‘I am giving you bondage.’ When they entered at last, the two sat among the students, assuming no authority or responsibility, until Rabban Gamaliel soon compelled them. ‘ Until now,’ said he, ‘ you were your own masters; from now on you are the bondaged servants of the community.’

The word HIsma (some read Hasma) is most likely meant as the name of a place called Hizmeh (ben would therefore mean a native of). But it may also possibly mean vigor, indicating Rabbi Elazar’s strength in expounding the Torah; or it may derive from hasimah, restriction, alluding to an important ruling of his in the Mishnah.”

CyK Humour - The Rabbi's Hat

A rabbi was walking down the street when, suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew his shtreimel off his head. The rabbi ran after his hat but the wind was so strong it kept blowing his hat farther and farther away. He just couldn't catch up with it.

A young goy, witnessing this event and being more fit than the rabbi, ran after the hat and caught it. The young goy handed the hat over to the rabbi. The rabbi was so pleased and grateful that he gave the man $20, put his hand on the man's head and blessed him. The young man was very excited about both the tip and the blessing.

The young goy decided to take his new found wealth to the racetrack. He bet the entire $20 on the first race that he could.  After the races, the young man returned home and recounted his very exciting day at the races to his father.

"I arrived at the fifth race," said the young man. "I looked at the racing program and saw that a horse by the name of 'Top Hat' was running.  The odds on this horse were 100-to-1, but after saving the rabbi's hat, and having received $20 and the rabbi's blessing, I thought this was a message from God. So, I bet the entire $20 on Top Hat, even though he had no chance of winning, but to my amazement, the horse won."

"You must have made a fortune," said the father.

"Well yes, $2000. But wait, it gets better," replied the son. "In the following race, a horse by the name of 'Stetson' was running. The odds on this horse were 30 to 1. 'Stetson' being some kind of hat and again thinking of the rabbi's blessing and his hat, I decided to bet all my winnings on this horse."

"What happened?" asked the excited father. "

'Stetson' came in like a rocket. Now I had $60,000!"

"Are you telling me you brought home all this money?" asked his excited father.

"No," said the son. "I lost it all on the next race. There was a horse in this race named 'Chateau,' which is French for hat. So I decided to bet all the money on 'Chateau,' but the horse broke down and came in last."

"Hat in French is "Chapeau" not "Chateau" you moron," said the father. "You lost all of the money because of your ignorance. Tell me, what horse won the race?"

The son answered, "A long shot from Japan named 'Yamaka'."

Israel 21c header_w592.jpg

Israel Is Changing The World


In the grip of a severe drought, California is relying on Israeli expertise and inventions to make the most of each drop. Israeli pioneers in water technology including drip irrigation experts Netafim and desalination giant IDE; organizations such as the Israel-California Green-Tech Partnership and Israel NewTech; and even academic institutions like Ben-Gurion University, are all helping California to implement vital smart water management that will keep the State wet.

Daily Minyan

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Run by Arthur Zins - includes Breakfast following.

Come Daven, Fress & Schmooze,

then join in on a walk.

Saturdays: Shabbat Service

Birkot ha-Shachar 9:12 AM

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Yishtabach 9:30 AM

includes Kiddush Luncheon

Cemetery plots for sale to members in good standing (three years minimum).

If you are a member (3 years or more) and want to buy a plot, the cost per plot is $2500.

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Lodzer Sisterhood Cookbooks

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If you have any suggestions please give them, in writing to Sarah, and,if you wish to speak at our monthly Monday night
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Rabbi Eli is eager and very happy to speak to our congregants on a one-on-one basis about personal or shul issues. As he has no official office hours, please call Sarah to make an appointment.
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RE: More Pics from Tokyo, Japan

The person dropping a coin in the charity box at a Buddhist temple will sound a gong to summon a spirit to accept the "essence" of the donation. It sure seems to be a satisfying practice, giving a certain closure to the deed.
Do you think we might need new equipment to sustain the pushke at the Lodzer?

The Golden Pavilion is one of the symbols of national harmony. Part of a late 14th c. villa belonging to the Shogun, it was burned to the ground in 1950 by a monk (initially imprisoned, then released on grounds of being legally insane). The current version was rebuilt in 1955, arguably an exact replica, although the original usage of such copious amounts of gold leaf is debatable.

Those unexploded shells are in fact tuna fish. The daily tuna auction in Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is by far the biggest of its kind in the world. Starting at 5 am, it attracts hundreds of fish brokers and big buyers, with an average fish going for tens of thousands of dollars.

The JCC in Tokyo (it was pouring rain, and I couldn't take a decent picture, so this one is borrowed, with your kind indulgence).  RE.

The world is a magical place full of people

waiting to be offended by anything.

Proceed with Caution...


Trump’s Wall Costs $21.6 Billion;

Illegal Immigration Costs $148.3 Billion Per Year

Do The Math

… Federal Expenses: $31.9 Billion… includes things like educational subsidies ($2.1 billion), healthcare costs ($5.9 billion, of which $750 goes to Obamacare subsidies), and justice costs etc.

… State & Local Costs: $93.3 Billion… illegal immigrants, who increase systemic strain without proportionally contributing to the economy.

… Infrastructure has fallen into disrepair… government services: 806,000 undocumented migrants, (in California alone,) had drivers licences in 2016;

… 975,000 anchor babies and 130,000 undocumented children living in California.  This totals 1.105 million children—all of whom are educated largely at state expense.;

… Providing  healthcare for illegal immigrants in California imposes significant costs, while also increasing wait-times and decreasing the overall quality of care (by lowering the physician-to-patient ratio).

… Remittances: $38 Billion… (money transferred from someone working in the US to their family abroad)... it’s a financial drain on the country—the money evaporates from the economy, never to be spent domestically or support local businesses.

...illegal aliens cost the government far more far more than they pay in tax, ... they increase competition for work, which drives wages down and causes unemployment for citizens who can’t work for $2 an hour (due to obvious legal impediments).

What this means is that Donald Trump’s wall is a good investment.  It will help ensure that once illegal immigrants (particularly criminals) are deported, they won’t be coming back.  This will save us a ton of money in the long run.  inContext


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The tactic of preemptive or preventative fences

“The tactic of preemptive or preventative fences … worked better in some situations or generation than in others. In some cases, fences prevented people from straying from the straight and narrow. In other cases, people felt constrained and inhibited, and some broke away. So the extent of fence-building versus teaching the individual how to walk a fine line that may test boundaries is an educational judgment to be made in every generation and culture and in almost every situation. The Men of the Great Assembly felt that in their time, the way of fences worked better.”
Perek 1, Mishnah 1 -- From the Irving Greenberg commentary


Which fences or how big a fence do you personally want to have?

Should this apply to shul policy?

Should countries build fences

to keep out certain morals and values?

Does your “moral truth” contribute

to society’s well-being?

This is a defining moment

in the history of mankind!

Historians in the near future (because that may be the only future we have) will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began.

President Trump has signed executive orders ending all efforts to stop and reverse climate change. He is rescinding President Obama's six climate change orders. He is instructing the Environmental Protection Agency to cease its climate change efforts and do no environmental regulations that get in the way of profits or "jobs." The EPA is to only concern itself with "clean air and clean water" - while Trump orders a massive increase in the use of coal.

This is a defining moment in the history of mankind. By signing these executive orders today, Trump is declaring an act of war on the planet and its inhabitants.

The one silver lining here is that Trump can't kill the planet; the planet wants to live and has a long history of wiping out any real or perceived threats. With the actions Trump is taking today, the planet is paying attention -- and the planet will make sure it dispenses with a species hell-bent on destroying Earth.  Michael Moore


If he only had a brain.
Or, at least put his trust in the Scientists that do.


Charles Greene,
28 Mar 2017, 20:39