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Shabbat Bulletin - June 18, 2016

Shabbat morning service times: 9 AM start

Blessings of the dawn (Birkot ha-Shachar) - 9:12
Shokhen-ad and blessings before Shema - 9:30


Rabbi Eli will be holding a special class/discussion on the Jewish view of euthanasia/assisted death.

To be held this Shabbat after kiddish.

Pirke Avoth with Jonathan will return the following week.



Thanks to all who came out to our High Five Weekend.

The best oneg Shabbat -- 110 strong!

Overall the Beatles tunes were well received, with the only problem: Some congregants found themselves drifting between the hebrew and the Beatles lyrics.

Dinner was hot and juicy -- thanks to an early 6 PM start to the festivities. i.e. Dinner was not delayed.

(Maybe next time: “Let it be.”)

Quotes of the Day

“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” ―Saul Bellow
“Without heroes we’re all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.” ―Bernard Malamud
“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” —Christopher Hitchens
Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be - David Bly
It's better to stand by the pot on the stove and think about the Siddur, than to stand by the Siddur and think about the pot on the stove.





June 12  Denise Shanker

June 14  Sally Berger

June 14  Sara Birenzstok

June 15  Milton Stahl

June 19  Honey Spitzen
June 21  Joyce Brown
June 24  Roman Perelshtein


June 11  Matthew & Daphna Grossman

June 11  Rick & Eda Kardonne

June 16  Neil & Carrie Manley

June 19  Henry & Alicia Harris


June 13  Sima Anidjar, mother of Morris

June 13  Jack Coretsky, father of Barry Corey

June 14  Louis Nadler, father of Sam

June 15  Sally Myers, mother of Helen Gould

June 16  Stanley Tessis, husband of Dorothy

June 16  Joseph Tschaschnik,

             husband of Esther

June 19  Avram Drewnowsky,

              father of Elliott
June 20  Henry Gardner,

              father of Gerri Goldberg
June 23  Simcha Rosenbloom,

               husband of Helen
June 24  Gerald Tolkin, husband of Jacqueline


Humour - The First Jewish President… and his Mother

The first Jewish president calls up his mother and invites her over for Shavuot.

Characteristically, his mother immediately begins complaining.
"Oiy, I'll need to book a flight and it's going to cost so much - it is just too much of a bother."

Her son counters, "Mom! I'm the President! I'll hire a private jet for you!”

"Oiy, I'll need to catch a taxi and carry my luggage. It's just too much!"

"Mom! I'm the President! I'll pick you up in my limo! Then my guards will carry your luggage for you!"

"Oiy, I'll need to book a hotel."

"Mom! Don't be ridiculous! I'm the President! You can stay at the White House!"

"Okay, fine," she finally acquiesces.

Two minutes later her friend Sophie, calls.
"So, Miriam, what's new?"

"Oiy, I'm going to my son for Shavuot."

"Who, the doctor?"

"No, the other one."




7:30-8:30 pm

Parsha of The Week


with Judy Hazan


Join this lively group every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM at The Lodzer where we study the week’s sedra together. Classes are informal and no prior knowledge or preparation is required. The purpose of the class is to learn the story of the parsha, determine its most important elements and tie its morals and lessons into our daily lives. This is open to the public and there is no cost.

For more information contact:

Judy Hazan 416-704-1693


after the kiddush

Pirke Avoth

Discussion Group

with Jonathan Usher

Loose Tongues are worse than wicked hands.

Let your words be soft and sweet, because some day you may have to eat them.

Every shabbat, after the kiddush there is a vibrant discussion of one Mishnah of Pirke Avoth.

Read Jonathan’s Pirke Avoth Discussion Points for the week at the end of this

Shabbat Bulletin.


June 18

12 Sivan

9:00 AM start



9:12 AM


before Shema

9:30 AM

Kiddush Lunch


This week’s kiddush is

sponsored by:

The Lodzer Congregation.

Torah Times

Torah Reading: Triennial Year 3

Parashat Naso

1: 7:1-11 (pg. 596)
2: 7:12-23
3: 7:24-35
4: 7:36-47
5: 7:48-59
6: 7:60-71
7: 7:72-89
maftir: 7:87-89


Judges 13:2 - 13:25 (pg. 602)

Candle Lighting: 8:44 p.m. – Friday

Havdalah: 9:52 p.m. – Saturday


June 20

7:30 pm


Book Chat

with Cathy Zeldin



Our current book is "The Illegal", winner of this year's Canada Reads, by Lawrence Hill, who also won the same prize several years ago for his "The Book of Negroes".   

"The Illegal" is a timely, relevant story given the refugee situation in the world today.

BTW, did you know Lawrence is the brother of musician Dan Hill?

inspired me_w250.jpg

We'll meet on Monday June 20 at 7:30 PM at the shul.

Thanks to everyone who supports our Book Chat group.  It's lots of fun.

For more information contact


June 25

19 Sivan

9:00 AM start



9:12 AM


before Shema

9:30 AM

To sponsor a Kiddush

please call the office




June 26

Earl Bales Park

12 PM to 6 PM

Earl Bales Park

Arts and Music Festival

Everyone is invited for an afternoon of great free live music outdoors in the park along with food booths, art vendors, kid zones, games, prizes and more.



(Simon, I see you… next time, jump up and down - wave. Cheers, Charles.)

יידיש ווינקל

אסיז בעסער צו שטיין ביים טאפ און אין זינען האבן דעמ סידור,
איידער צו שטיין ביי דעמ סידור און אין זינען האבן דעמ טאפ.

S'z besser tzu shtein beim top un in zinnen hobben dem Siddur,
eider tzu shtein bei dem Siddur un in zinnen hobben dem top.

It's better to stand by the pot on the stove and think about the
Siddur , than to stand by the Siddur and think about the pot on the stove.


אלאמיר נישט זארגן וואס וועט זיין מארגן,לאמיר בעסער  פארריכטן דעמ היינט
און דעמ נעכטן.

Lomir nisht zorgen vos vet zeinen morgen;

lommir besser farrichten dem heint un dem nechten.

Don't worry about tomorrow; better fix today and yesterday.

Jacqueline - a yiddisher kop


Just to Silence the Mind
Parshas Naso

HASHEM spoke to Moshe saying: Speak to the children of Israel, and you shall say to them: A man or woman who sets himself apart by making a Nazirite vow to abstain for the sake of the Lord He shall abstain from new wine and aged wine; he shall not drink [even] vinegar made from new wine or aged wine, nor shall he drink anything in which grapes have been steeped, and he shall eat neither fresh grapes nor dried ones.  For the entire duration of his abstinence, he shall not eat any product of the grape vine, from seeds to skins.(Bamidbar 6:1-2)
Why is the Subject of the Nazir juxtaposed to the subject of the Sota? To teach you that anyone who sees a Sota in her destruction should refrain from wine. – (Rashi)
Why is wine the substance of choice to refrain from. When someone sees a Sota he should become a Nazir and keep himself distant from wine. Why? What does wine have to do with a Sota?
The Talmud offers a few direct causative factors relating the wine with the crime of the Sota. It was the Sota’s indulgence in wine that accelerated her downfall or opened the door to her relaxing of standards. The wine was a player before the event, so the Nazir is cautioned to stay away and hold the reigns of discipline so he does not fall prey to the same problem. Fine!
There may be a different reason to of refraining from wine even after the fall of the Sota. There may be a huge hint in a Mishne at the very end of Tractate Sota that talks about the condition of the society at the very edge of human history, right before Moshiach. It lists fifteen items-signs to look out for and these are the first three.  “In the period preceding the coming of Moshiach ,Chutzpah-1)  insolence will increase -2) prices will soar – 3) The vineyard will produce, yet wine will be expensive…”
What’s the hint? It can be found in the sequence of societal symptoms, the maladies of that time. There will be an abundance of Chutzpah! What’s Chutzpah? Everyone know what Chutzpah is! It can be found in the American Heritage Dictionary already.  What exactly is it? When someone willfully violates a serious social barrier or steps intentionally beyond the boundaries of his or her conscience they are acting with Chutzpah! What happens when a person acts with Chutzpah? What happens internally? Do they feel good or bad! How bad do they feel? What does one do about that bad feeling, the ringing of the violated conscience within? Well, there are two choices! One is to apologize or commit to never touching that hot stove of the heart again. That is the healthier but harder option.
Now we come to the second sign, that prices will soar. Some explain it as a phenomenon of “inflation”.  Others say the actual style of life will also increase. The average and the poor man have access to things that King Louis never dreamt of. Everyone has a shower, drives a car, has music cd’s and cell phones. For the right price you can get anything! The consumer society is driven to get it!
Finally we arrive at the last of the first three- “The vine gives off its fruit but the price is still high!” How is that possible? Anyone with familiarity of Economics 101 knows that when the supply is high the price is low! That’s the answer, Rashi says, the demand is high because people are drinking to get drunk. It’s a society driven to distraction that needs to drown out the small thin but persistent voice of the conscience that whispers in protest of the continuous violation of and dangerous shrinking of its moral boundaries. That includes the multi- billion dollar entertainment industry and all the gadgetry too. It’s a craze for different types of wine just to silence the mind!
DvarTorah, Copyright © 2007 by Rabbi Label Lam and


From the Twittersphere -- “It’s a small world after all”

Re: Palestinians

Hate always consumes the hater, and the wretched #Palestinians are evidence of that. They curse themselves.  (story)

Useful Idiots For Palestine

Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed

Why I Support Israel


Ultimately it is ideas that drive people toward violence (exception: mental illness) so it is bad/incorrect ideas we must correct.

It's odds: not just Muslims are homophobe & most Muslims are nonviolent but majority terrorism today is Muslim…

Cretinous and cowardly response from #Stonewall. #Orlando had nothing to do with Islam. Contemptible.  (story)

We stand with the people of #Orlando today because we know it doesn’t have to mean anything. #BlahBlah #DontMentionIslam #HashtagWhatever

In fairness, when I heard there was a shooting in a gay club the last thing I thought of was Islam. I assumed somebody’s outfit had clashed.

It’s gross & racist to connect a massacre in a gay club with a violent religion that explicitly wants gay people dead. It’s what ISIS wants.

Turkish headline: “50 perverts killed in bar”. This is the country Cameron is secretly helping to join the #EU.  (story)

#Obama’s response to the #Orlando shootings was an insult to everyone’s intelligence. He even looked bored trotting out the same old patter.

Be thankful that Islam is a religion of peace. Imagine the carnage if it was a religion of violent bigotry, supremacist hatred, and war.

Has anyone at CAIR had the nerve to warn of the usual imaginary backlash against Muslims, the real victims, or is it too soon even for them?

The only certainty about the #Orlando atrocity is that it had nothing to do with you know what.  (video)

Now (that) politicians have spun their #Orlando platitudes, and the vigils and candles are done, the countdown starts to the next Islamic massacre.


Follow: Pat Condell  @patcondell

Former stand-up comedian. I make videos advocating secularism, democracy and free speech.  (youtube)

(He’s pro Israel and has a low tolerance for stupidity --  2 out of 3 ain't bad.)



Pirke Avoth Perek 2 Mishnah

Note: This commentary is taken from Ethics from Sinai by Irving M. Bunim and Visions of the Fathers by Abraham Twerski, and Sage Advice, by Yitz Greenberg. Some sentences of the commentaries have been taken verbatim (in quotes) and others have been summarized. All relate to Mishnah 8. The Questions are my own.

He [Hillel] used to say: The more flesh one acquires, the more worms  [after death]; the more wealth, the more anxiety; the more wives, the more witchcraft; the more maidservants, the more lewdness; the more manservants, the more thievery. [But] the more Torah study one achieves, the more life; the more schooling, the more wisdom; the more counsel, the more understanding; the more tzdakahcharity, righteousness the more peace. If one has acquired a good name, he has acquired it for himself; if one has acquired for himself a knowledge of Torah, he has acquired for himself life in the world-to-come.

Ethics from Sinai

The more flesh one acquires, the more worms.

The first few adages tend to show how a mans efforts in certain directions are simply self-defeating. Too much food or wealth leads to negative not positive results. The more possessions you have, the less peace of mind you will enjoy.A person may realize to his dismay that he lived far more comfortably, with greater ease and peace of mind, on lower earnings. Like a cigarette with its puffs of smoke, physical pleasures are soon gone, leaving behind nothing of permanent worth or value.”  Similarly over-eating leads to ill health in the long run.

Our tradition knows only too well that a human being is capable of insatiable desires. No sooner is one craving satisfied than two new ones take its place. Says the Midrash, No man departs from the world with even half of his desires obtained.’” As soon as one level is reached, increased desires raise the level of requirements.

Question 1: Where is the proper intersection of work, Torah and Tzdakkah?

Question 2: Where does family and leisure fit in?  

Question 3: Are over-achievers bound to lose the benefits of Torah study?


The more women the more witchcraft.

When men devote themselves to women and the pleasures they afford, they can easily become slaves to them.

Question 1: Does this mean slaves to womenor slaves to a bad lifestyle?

Question 2: Should we avoid this section as it is negative towards women?

The more maidservants, the more lewdness; the more manservants, the more thievery

Personal servants have a dual function of being hired for personal as well as economic functions. This can lead to a servants temptation to steal etc from the employer and can cause the employer worry and anxiety, as well as release from performing routine or other functions. In addition the lack of work may lead the wife into evil ways.

Question: Is having a maidservant more worrisome or beneficial?

The more Torah, the more life

Only through Torah can you truly become alive, and all things in your world become fully alive for you. You yourself, and everything about you take on new meaning and significance, for with Torah you become a vital part, an instrument of good, in the world of the Creator.” “A learned person is far more alive and sensitive to his environment than the ignorant onehe lives more intensely in depth.The words and thoughts of Sages, their struggles to find the truth in Divine law, live for him (the person studying Torah) as vividly as the talk of his friends.”  “As his knowledge of Torah grows, a person cannot overrate human power and wisdom, he must attribute all things, good and bad, to G-dTo be engrossed in Torah is to really livewith purpose and meaning… “The more Torah,therefore the more life” – a longer period that you can devote to proper ways and values, a holier and more beautiful life.

Example like a carpenter, a person should have a plan before starting work on a project. Torah is the plan that should be learned as a guide to constructing a good life.

Question: Is Hillel suggesting a totally new life style and value system that can come from studying Torah? Is it something that members of our synagogue, whether working people or retired people, can subscribe to and hope to achieve?

The more counsel, advice, the more understanding

By asking for advice, a person shows a measure of wisdom to begin with, for obviously he knows when he needs to consult a friend. Furthermore, the right advice can often solve an entire problem, and there is no obligation to make payment. The person giving advice is likewise in a position to gain. For in giving counsel he will lose nothing, but on the contrary, will enrich his own experience;  as his friends problem leads him to draw on and develop his fund of insight and wisdom.

Question: Is this the same principle on which performing a mitzvah is based?

The more charity (tzdakah), the more peace.

Tzdakah primarily means righteousness. But it is also used for charity, because giving charity is in a sense righting a wrong, correcting a social imbalance. if conditions of inequity and social injustice are permitted to continue and worsen, they can only lead to strife, violence and class struggle.” “The more charity the more peace.

Comment: Here charity is given, not as a mitzvah or good deed or out of pity, but to correct a social imbalance.

Charity also leads to peace of mind. A person in a room can be heated by wearing a heavy coat or by heating the whole room. If a person provides only for himself, spiritually, materially, or otherwise, and is not concerned about others, he is only a tzaddiik in pelz. ie a pious man in furs. He is pseudo-religious and not truly pious. Only when you give to make others happy, can you really gain happiness for yourself.

Question: Would giving money or time  to our shul be considered donating to charity, or as correcting a social  imbalance? Is it a form of helping ourselves rather than helping others?

If one has acquired a good name, he has acquired it for himself

A good name, is clearly something that a man achieves through his own deeds and efforts; it is something, moreover, which characterized his essence, the very core of individuality.This differs from material possessions which only indicate what a person has, not what he is. If someone takes away anothers good name he makes the person poorer while not enriching himself.

Question: When we say He is not rich, but he is a good person.are we indicating that our own values are not Torah based or correct?

If he has acquired for himself a knowledge of Torah, he has acquired for himself Life in the world-to-come.

With its infinite knowledge of truth, our religion sees human existence as a brief interval between two eternities.” “If you devote yourself to Torah, to learn its timeless values and wisdom, then you labor to prepare for eternal life.

Children may be brought up with an emphasis on physical comforts and abilities and wealth, or on Torah with an emphasis on counselling, righteousness and the acquisition of a good name.

Question 1: Do Conservative Jews believe in or prepare for eternal life?

Question 2: For the sake of the children, should Torah be discussed weekly around the Friday night dinner table?

Visions of the Fathers

All the things whose excess is harmful can be noted to be related to physical desires.Those whose excess is beneficial are of a spiritual character. The rule is therefore that one should place limits on physical pursuits, but in spiritual pursuits, unless specifically restricted by health, the more the better.

Sage Advice

Do the benefits of  preserving all the traditions of the past out-way the benefits of innovation, creativity and applying the Torah in new ways for unprecedented situations?

Digging up the dirt...

Israel and the Palestinians: What the media won't report

Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, and an expert on Middle East conflicts, discusses what the Palestinian leadership really wants.  (video)


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Meat and climate change: What's the connection?

...meat production and consumption accounts for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Food production, which includes agriculture and livestock, is the second biggest GHG-emitting sector, next to energy.

...It’s easy to overlook the consequences of something as commonplace and seemingly innocuous as eating meat.

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...World Meat-free Day (is) on June 13. All you have to do on that day is replace one meal with any meat-free dish.  Give up meat for just one meal and save:  Enough carbon emissions to boil a kettle 388 times;  Up to 11g of fat or 2 tbsp of butter;  The daily water usage of 9 people;  Up to 90 calories.

(Let us only eat meat/chicken on oneg Shabbat)


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