Welcome to our Guests!

We extend a warm welcome and Shabbat Shalom as you join us at the Lodzer Synagogue for Shabbat worship. As a Conservative, egalitarian synagogue, women participate in all aspects of the service receiving aliyot to the Torah and count in a minyan. (quorum)

Accordingly, it is our custom that women wear a head covering when called to the Bima and cover their shoulders appropriately and that all men also honour our tradition by wearing a Kipah (skull cap). It is also customary for Jewish men to wear a Talit (prayer shawl) during the Shabbat service.

Since Shabbat is the most sacred day in the week, we specifically mark its distinction in our synagogue by refraining from the use of cell phones, hand-held devices and cameras. Smoking is forbidden anywhere on synagogue property. During the worship service we request that you refrain from chewing gum and please refrain from speaking during the Amidah, the prayer of Silent Devotion and during the Torah reading. We hope that these explanations will add a special 'spiritual' dimension to your Shabbat experience at the Lodzer. If you are visiting, please let us know so that we can personally welcome you to our shul.

High Holy Days

  • Members must be in good standing (membership dues paid up to date) to be eligible to purchase High Holidays tickets at membership prices.

  • Post dated cheques will be accepted, provided that they are dated prior to the High Holy Days . However, we also accept VISA and MASTERCARD – simply call the office and pay for your tickets over the telephone by credit care. Your tickets will be mailed

  • to you directly.

  • Advance ticket sales for members only is from the middle of June until the end of July.

  • All unreserved seats will go on sale to the public August 1st.

  • You may reserve by coming directly to the shul office or by telephone.

  • Cost of HHT

  • Members – $136.00

  • Students of members (over 11 years) – $100.00

  • Non-members Adult or child – $180.00

  • Family Service in Downstairs

  • Sanctuary

  • Member Family of 4 – $225.00

  • Non -Members family of 4 – $350.00

  • Extra Child – $36.00 each

  • Grandparents or other Adult Guest – $100.00 each

Family Service


A participatory service for the entire family join in together! Includes Spirited Prayer led by Arlene Moshe & your own children.

Activities include:

  • Quizzes & Games

  • Discussion Groups

  • Fun Re-enactments of the Torah portion

  • And a lot more!


Regular 2 services a month beginning at 10:15 am. These services are also offered on high holidays and other holidays throughout the year.

Learn more

To learn more, please email Sharon or Arlene