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posted 17 Nov 2016, 19:14 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 23:09 ]


1930s SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL_w600.jpg

The famous dolly everywhere

named Glory was without compare.

True to her careful chosen name

her beauty earned her love and fame.

She wasn’t just another toy

but dolly mother’s greatest joy.

To groom and brush her dark brown curls

was the envy of all girls.

With tender care and greatest pleasure

the caring mum laid down her treasure.

This miracle could shut her eyes

and say “mama” when she cries.

One afternoon at 3 o’clock

mum found the little lacy frock

just torn to pieces on the chair,

and next to it some bits of hair.

When to her horror on the bed

she saw the ripped off neck and head.

In shreds the purple satin bows.

The right foot missing its three toes.


Who did this crime? Who? Dog or cat?

I’ll beat the little brother yet!

He’s the culprit he’s a brat!

A punishment is due, you bet.

One creature carries on its nose

the evidence of satin bows.

“Come, Lucifer you nasty pet.

When I find you I’ll split your head!”

The grandma’s soft consoling voice

suggests still another choice.

A charming neighbour, quite well known,

the dolly doctor, Isra Cohen.

She mentions he lives just next door,

does magic practice in his store.
A tinkerer, handyman,
but also called the Candyman.

He gives the children down the street

tarts and candies as a treat.

Most anything he can repair,

from toy train to teddy bear.


Said to the girl who begged and wept,

sat up all the night and never slept:

“To this poor thing I will restore

her utmost glory as before.

Just leave her overnight with me,

forget those tears. Sleep well,” said he.
Then in the night some voices loud shout:

“Move it, quickly!” – and – “Get out!”

“You will not need that beat up toy

where you are going old Jew boy!”

In this darkest night of shame

Someone said a transport came

and took this much beloved man

who vanished, never seen again.


Irene Tandon

The Poetry Group | Baycrest | Wed. 3 PM

(ROMEO’s better half)