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Project Abraham - Yazidis - OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP

posted 13 Feb 2017, 13:51 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin   [ updated 13 Feb 2017, 13:52 ]

Project Abraham - Yazidis - OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP

The Yazidis are beginning to arrive and, while there is much to celebrate,  there is also so much to do.  There is something for everyone.  Please get back to me if you are interested in getting involved in any of the following:

1. Become part of a resettlement group (RG) to help the new arrivals to settle and integrate into their new life.  If you can put together a group of 5 - 8 people, that would make it easier for us, but if that's not doable, please just indicate your interest and I will assign you to a group.  Please note that all the Yazidis arriving are living in Richmond HIll so it may require some travel there.

2. Help with the application process.  Now that we have had our first success, we are  getting many requests from the Yazidi community to apply for other friends and relatives to come over.  This represents a huge amount of work and we need as much help as we can get.

3. We are beginning an ESL conversation class for our Yazidi community.  We need English-speaking helpers who can play a supportive role to those who have an ESL teaching background.

4. We are ready to approach corporations to ask for sponsorship of Project Abraham.  If you have a connection to anyone in a corporation for whom you could give us an introduction, please contact me.

5. Bring more people to Project Abraham to help out.  Besides friends and relatives in your network, consider approaching your religious community (or any other organization in which you are a member) and see if you can get them involved.

Have a great week!


Coordinator/Project Abraham
The Mozuud Freedom Foundation