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Lodzer chazzan to take bite of the Big Apple

posted 13 Jun 2017, 05:53 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin   [ updated 1 Jul 2017, 05:59 ]



Lodzer chazzan to take bite of the Big Apple

TORONTO June 5, 2017 -- The Lodzer Centre Congregation is giving a heartfelt l’hitraot to chazzan Marcel Cohen as he and his family make a new life for themselves in New York City.

Marcel came to the Lodzer in January 2014 and instantly created a freilach atmosphere to the Lodzer services, sprinkled with his unique puns and a warm, friendly and inclusive attitude to everyone he met. His ability to quickly formulate and deliver a Dvar Torah for Shabbat always included personal touches that brought him closer to congregants.

One of his main triumphs at the shul was attaining a Government of Canada grant for the highly successful 10-part series of performances and discussions about Jewish music held at the synagogue last year. Hundreds of people turned out to hear presentations of their favourite musical genre, led by fellow chazzanim from near and far.

“His sense of humour and ability to work with everyone was a highlight for both members and the Board of Directors,” said Lodzer president Jeff Shabes. “He is a unique individual and one who we are sorry to see leave us.”

Marcel led all the Shabbat and holiday services for the congregation, using both a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes that had congregants instantly humming along.
He also supervised the High Holidays choir, including selecting musical pieces, arranging, conducting and working with cantorial soloists.

As well, Marcel acted as mentor to children interested in learning their Bar/Bat Mitzah, both at the Lodzer and with Kadima Centre, interacting with children with special needs.

His last Shabbat with the Lodzer will be June 24th.


Press release by Susan Yellin.

The Lodzer Synagogue is a Conservative Synagogue, fully egalitarian – where women are encouraged to participate in services and count in the minyan. Founded by Holocaust survivors from Lodz, Poland, the shul has a rich history and a strong connection to the Shoah – providing valuable education within the community. The Lodzer is a family-oriented shul with a warm, inclusive community.
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