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Jews are owners, NOT occupiers.

posted 19 Oct 2017, 08:56 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin


Stop talking about ‘solutions’


start talking about truth and justice.

Our ‘target market’ is not the radicals who work to destroy Israel. Our market does include those on the fringes of the anti-Israel movement and those in the ‘mushy middle’ who have been misled by the radicals, but our most immediate and important market is those people who already love and defend Israel. It is often said that we should stop ‘preaching to the choir,’ but that is only really true when the choir is singing the right notes of the right song from the right book at the right time. Our job is to get our choir singing the same beautiful song.

Jews are owners, NOT occupiers.

Key points on which to stay focused

during any discussion of Israel’s land rights:

1. There can be no peace without truth. Jews have a land title deed from 1922 in which the world told Jews to rebuild their ancient ‘national home.’ It’s very existence proves accusations of stolen land are false.

2. This document returned all land west of the Jordan River to the Jewish people, including Jerusalem.

3. This document gave Jewish land east of the Jordan River to Arabs in what we call the original 2 state solution.

4. Many Jews died in the Holocaust because the world didn’t keep its promises in the Jewish land deed.

5. Now the world wants to unjustly divide Jewish land again in a new 2-state solution. It’s not fair.

6. Jews couldn’t trust the world’s promises from 1922, so why should they trust new promises today?

7. The world has a duty to help preserve Jewish honour, especially considering all the terrible things it’s done to Jewish people, so let’s acknowledge the original 2-state solution: the League of Nations Mandate For Palestine and its promises before talking about any new ‘solutions.’



Google Photos: 20171015_israelTruthWeek

Thank you so much to Lodzer for attending and documenting my first Israel Truth Week IN THE STREET event. Some of you may remember that Lodzer hosted my 2014 conference and tradeshow. I was very pleased with Sunday’s turnout and with the results; we got approximately 80-90 flyers about Israel’s land rights out to people right in the heart of Jewish Toronto.

I’ve personally trained nearly 500 Zionists about Israel’s land title deed—the Mandate For Palestine—and how to use it to defend Israel. The reason I emphasize ‘preaching to the choir’ (i.e. Jews & friends of Israel) is because, on average, only about 2% of my trainees have ever read the magnificent words of the Mandate before meeting me, and many find the experience of reading it for the first time to be quite moving. But, it’s not really about the legal details of this amazing instrument of international law; it’s about using it to create a moral narrative to help the world understand that Jews are, once again, being victimized by lies and violence. It’s about stopping the search for ‘solutions’ until the ‘occupation’ lie that underlies nearly all of today’s anti-Israel hate is destroyed. No Jewish child should ever go to bed believing their people stole land that didn’t belong to them.

Finally, I would like to note that the Mandate For Palestine never once mentions the word G-d, so it serves as irrefutable secular evidence for a secular world that the ‘occupation’ allegation is false, however, those of us who believe can see His fingerprints all over the pages of the document.

Mark Vandermaas

Israel Truth Week