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Gate of Infinity

posted 16 Sep 2017, 02:08 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin   [ updated 20 Sep 2017, 21:24 ]


“Gate of Infinity”

Holocaust memorial to those deported from Prague Bubny Station.

A large sculpture by Ales Vesely, shaped as a rail heading for heaven, which is also a symbol of Jacob´s ladder has been installed in Prague´s defunct Bubny railway station, from which Jewish transports departed in WWII and which is to become a Silence Memorial in remembrance of the Holocaust victims.The sculpture was symbolically unveiled in Prague, Czech Republic, March 9, 2015 to mark the night to March 9, 1944, when almost 4000 prisoners, brought in from the Terezin (Theresiendstadt) "family camp," north Bohemia, were killed in the Nazi extermination camp in Oswiecim (Auschwitz).

Approximately 50,000 Czech Jews were deported for extermination from the Prague-Bubny railway station. Thousands upon thousands walked through a city that was silent...

Human history has shown repeatedly that a substantial majority of us is capable of unimaginable acts, and that evil cannot exist in society without the silence of a passive majority.

Prague needs a place where we can talk about these things, where we can talk about ourselves and the stigmas within us.

The goal of Memorial Shoah Prague o.p.s., a non-profit organization, is to transform Bubny Railway Station into an exhibition and educational centre. The Memorial of Silence referring to the silence of a passive majority.

The architectural design of the reconstruction and transformation of Bubny Railway Station was completed in 2014.

The installation of Ales Vesely’s monumental sculpture "The Gate of Infinity" directly on the road taken by transports is a symbolic commencement of the transformation of Bubny Railway Station.

Picture Credits: Simon Jackson

Simon regularly visits Prague and on his latest visit noticed a similarity between "The Gate of Infinity" and the picture regularly featured in this bulletin of The Holy Temple being the Divine "home" and "place," as the "gate of Heaven" for man's service of G-d, and as the ultimate embodiment of G-d's desire to create life and mankind's endeavor to sanctify it.

Very interesting and very telling. Thanks Simon.


The Holocaust was born and executed in our modern rational society, (...)

and for this reason it is a problem of that society, civilization and culture.

Zygmunt Bauman