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posted 14 Nov 2016, 15:46 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin

Isi Davis Waxes Poetic - A STORM IN A TEAPOT


All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I am responsible for the content – not anyone else. The congregation I serve alongside is not responsible. In fact, it includes a number of faithful people who may believe that what I write here is wrong. Any group, organization, synagogue, agency, or entity that I may be associated with is not responsible either. And my family particularly wants you to know that they have nothing to do with what is written here!

I may make a mistake or say something stupid. Actually, chances are pretty good that I’ll do both at some point. I’ll do my best to refrain from stupidity, but I don’t make any promises. Just for the record; any mistakes belong to me and me alone. Not that I want to claim them, but it just seems right not to shift the blame to anyone else.

(Enough with the political correctness.)


If we were in Boston in 1773, the newspaper heading in the Boston Gazette would have read- Sons of Liberty Dump British Tea. On this day in 1773, a group of Massachusetts colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians board three British tea ships moored in Boston Harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea into the water. Now known as the “Boston Tea Party,” the midnight raid was a protest of the Tea Act of 1773. In regards to the present Presidential election- The title today would probably read A STORM BREWING IN A NATION.


Until now I have to be honest, I haven’t taken an interest in the current Presidential race. I have instead been busy tearing down and rebuilding structures in my home. My dad used to call me a perfectionist, as I spent time planning and then executing the work myself. If he were alive today, I would have replied that I must have been blessed with some of the same genes that our forefathers in Egypt would have possessed, as their structures still stand, passing the test of time. I will come back to this point later.

The morning of the election:

What has evolved in America in the past year by some account, are two not so liked candidates running for President, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.  Maybe I should have paid more attention from the beginning on how the candidates presented themselves. On occasion it had brought some healthy discussion and agreement/disagreement on some of the tenuous issues presented, between friends.  This has been the most unusual race in the history of America. As Mr. Trump would like to put it, the nation has eroded and it needs to be rebuilt. I want to make it clear that I will try to be phlegmatic.


From the moment Mr. Trump descended down the escalator his wife following behind him, the drama began. During the candidate debates Mr. Trump was accused of being degrading and disrespectful to his opponents. We learned a lot about his business dealings and so called Cuban, Russian connections. As Mr. Trump put it, the system was rigged and the media was unfair to him, although the media was giving him more prime time than any other candidate. In addition we learned of his thoughts, about women, and about certain servicemen and the disabled. We learned of his overtones when renting to minorities. We learned that people were fed up with the way government was run in Washington. It was reported that some of his stanch followers may have been involved with the KKK.   On Sunday’s program aired on- CNN’s State of the Union- Mr. Trump, said that he doesn’t like to ask for forgiveness and that he has a very great relationship with G-d, that is why he thinks he is doing so well.  Other leaders in countries such as the Philippines, Iran, Libya and other nations have envisioned the same thoughts, which have in some cases led to their demise. Will the real Messiah please stand up?

With regards to Jewish supporters, especially some of the Orthodox Jews, they believed that Mr. Trump was the best choice for Israel. He claimed that he would give Israel his 100% support. They forget that Mr. Trump’s morals do not represent the teachings within the Torah. So the question you have to ask yourself, should the church/synagogue remain attached to the state. The church/synagogue is rooted in the very morality and virtue that the state is not equipped to provide.  


Should the church/synagogue discuss politics in their sanctuaries?

Politics: The Elephant in the sanctuary.

You’re not allowed to talk about anything, (other than Torah,) in the Synagogue, unless you happen to be Jewish, in which case, we can’t prevent you from talking about everything.  (RE inspired)

Some people come to shul hoping to create a divine experience.

Other people come to see their friends and hang out.

Both of these things are important.

(Two audiences - One bulletin)


What does the Torah have to say?

Since Branding himself as a reality TV Star, some of the people, if not many were supportive of Mr. Trump, even when it was quite evident that, it was reported by some of the media that, he may not have had the right temperament for the job.  It was reported that he said over 560 false things.  (Toronto Star)

Lots of promises were made by Mr. Trump, from building a wall between Mexico and the USA, to denying a woman’s right to abortion and many other promises in between. Mr. Trump was going to immediately change the Supreme Court, take certain rights away from people already in the country and deport people, back to their home country. (CNN,MSNBC)

It has also been reported, throughout the campaign that, there seems to be a similarity between events leading up to the Second World War and how some leaders, tried to manipulate nations to believe in false ideologies and finding blame in others.

Mr. Trump accused Mrs. Clinton of being a liar, Clinton’s treacherous political misconducts, and having unsavory dealings regarding the Clinton Foundation and Pay for Play. Instead of outright attacking Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton would bite her tongue, more often than not and try and assure the populace that America was great and that together they could build a great Nation. Instead, Mr. Trump informed his followers that since he was a Great Business Man, he would drain the swamp in Washington and, make America Great Again. In the last eight years not much has changed, and Mr. Trump stimulated hope for many people, who had experienced job loss and despair. I indicated in an earlier essay that fear can in prison you, but hope can set you free.

Some if not many people were living in fear of what the nation, would look like after the elections, unless Mr. Trump was elected.

I believe that the role of government is to protect its citizen’s rights and not to impose morality. Was Mr. Trump changing the playing fields goal lines? Would the election results have changed if Mrs. Clinton would have elected to spend more time in the rural areas of the country and, listening to the people?   What transpires following the election, will no doubt be of interest to the Nation as a whole and only time will reveal its outcome.

Accusations were rampant throughout the election:

“It’s a good thing Trump isn’t in charge of the law in this country”

Hillary Clinton

“Yeah, because you’d be in Jail”

Donald Trump

Following the election:

Mr. Trump, won by a coalition of voters for the office of President, although it was reported that only 46% of the nation voted. It was also reported that Mrs. Clinton had won the popular vote, Several US cities had demonstrations, (the demonstrators lit fires in the streets,) objecting to Mr. Trump, winning the office. Emotions were running high and some felt that there was a further erosion between blacks and white folks. Mr. Trump’s character changed the mood of the country and as a result the world market was affected.


1. Like the wind that blows and changes its course, will Mr. Trump keep his commitments, or were his promises rhetoric?

2. Will he still build the wall between Mexico and the US?  In China the wall is called the Great Wall of China. Will Israel’s wall still be considered as apartheid?

3. Could America be fueled by the same resentment as, what perpetuated the Arab Spring, Dec 17, 2010?

The world has changed, evidence can be seen in the discourse of the Middle East. Waves of immigrants have tried to migrate to the shores of Europe.  As a result of the elections, some people have considered moving to Canada.  Greece, Spain and Italy have devalued their currency and are heading towards bankruptcy. Britain recently voted to leave the EU.

The US President

should be transparent.


While in Scotland I took this photo while walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

Both candidates should look in the mirror. As I have said, the mirror is probably the most dangerous invention of our time.  The closer we look at ourselves, the greater the flaws we find. Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton should take a closer look at the mood of the nation.


Who would have been the nation’s best leader and, who will the Americans forgive?



What does the Torah have to say about Forgiveness?

When someone seriously wrongs us, the last thing we want to do is forgive them, there may be a strong emotional tie. It all depends on one’s pride, and how he or she may see the situation. The key maybe in exploring the other person’s role a grievance. If you ask your friends for advice on the matter, you will more than likely hear what you want to hear.  Sometimes what you don’t want to hear, may benefit you in the conflict. Forgiving is not only a moral thing to do but, it is a halachic obligation. Someone who has aggravated his fellow man is obliged to seek that person’s forgiveness. Without doing so, Yom Kippur will not bring atonement.  In a previous essay I wrote about Love and the erosion of relationships between people, who used to love each other. This does not only hold true for you and your spouse but when a husband and wife forge a relationship, they also forge a relationship with each other’s families. The families in this case is the Nation. In Mr. Trump’s case it has been reported that, he cannot tolerate being told he had done something wrong. Along with his promise to building bridges and infrastructure, Americans should start building bridges amongst themselves. Then again where there is life, there is hope. As I indicated in the beginning what should be forged, is building a structure that is enduring and lasts time, this takes patience and planning.


Without prejudice to any party or individual, the above are observations and intended for discussion purposes only.

Yours, Isi Davis…

During the US election I couldn’t get this song out of my head.

We need a Leader that is simple perfection, there's nothing that's harder to find.

Someone to lead us protect us and feed us, and help us to make up our minds.

We need a Leader that's sophisticated, quiet and strong and well educated.

Where to go what to do, could it be somebody super like you?  (Paul Williams)