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20160910 - Isi Davis with his iPad mini

posted 13 Sep 2016, 17:49 by Lodzer Shabbat-Bulletin   [ updated 20 Sep 2016, 20:09 ]

20160910 - Isi Davis with his iPad mini

Great pics Isi. Thanks.  How about a selfie?

20160910-1213  My daughters friends cottage. Notice the log cabin with grass roof.


If I had my druthers, I’d rather put up solar panels. They’d reflect the sunlight/heat and also keep the cabin cool.

20160910-1246  Salmon spawning up river behind our cabin


Could be Earl Bales Park. Sadly, no salmon.

20160910-1554  People walk around here in skirts


Those are fighting words. To be politically correct, their dress is the kilt.

20160912-1427  View of Edinburgh castle


20160912-1529  Another view of the castle


It is now 7:30 am, (20160913-0234 our time,) and I’m off to Glasgow by train.





Rider with a safety helmet
After getting off the train in Glasgow I noticed the statue in front of the art museum
I'm now told that the cone was placed on the statue eight years ago the city removed it and there was a big uproar so it was put back up and has been there since



Only kosher store in Glasgow
Very small and few items. All the meat comes in from Manchester. I will write about the Jews in Scotland -- very few are left as antisemitism is on the rise.



Shul I was married in



Went to the cemetery today -- maybe someone may know this individual, maybe Zalmon may know him.


Island of oben_0371_w600.jpg

Island of oben

Day tour, iPad not that great for pictures. I also took pictures with my camera which I have to process.

It's cold here, up north. Unfortunately while in the bus there were huge mountains on each side but driver did not stop. The road was a single lane and both sheep and Scottish long horn cows on road. So had to maneuver around them, they will not move.  Cars another issue.  

Crossed over to Staffa, were the Vikings had a long stay. Church on Staffa over 1000 years old. Scottish clans later fought for power. The Mac Donald's and Mcleans. Small population on island. In case of emergency helicopters are flown in .

In order to get to Oben took trains from Glasgow to Oben three hour train ride. Women beside me came in from one of the islands just to buy a computer, for her it's a two day event, but she says she would not have it any other way. She also speaks Gailic which is the other national language of Scotland.

I must say I have been to Scotland numerous time and it is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. While in Glasgow, we stayed with a relative who is 81 years old, he has virtually climbed every mountain along with my brother in law in the world. He was one base camp short of Everest. He has been in scouting for most of his life and has received the OMB from the Queen for his service. He runs a charitable organization where he brings in under privileged teens from the Ukraine, about 40 teens twice a year to England and Scotland's they meet with members of parliament . They spend two weeks camping in the highland mountains before they go home. He also travels to London to help with caregiving of disabled scouts every month at his expense. He truly is a wonderful person.

Rock formation on island_0378_w600.jpg

Rock formation on island

Tomorrow off to Skye.

Next week we will be in Leeds England to stay with cousins. One of them also has a OMB from the queen for her service in education. Her uncle was minister of labor during the war, as a Jew he was chastised and had fights with other ministers. His name was Lord M. Shinwell, my great Aunts brother in law.

20160919-20 - Isle of Skye


Kilted Rock. Skye . Water flows from mountain to Atlantic Ocean


This is the mountain water comes from


The country side looks like a post card


Congregants, notice they are on the other side of the fence, just like the Scotts when it comes to separation.  I suspect they have something else in mind.


People in the north speak Gailic, as their first language ,they have a very strong Scottish accent. The Scotts are some of the most friendly and hardy people you will meet.


We have been lucky with the weather. Within a day you can get summer to late fall. Since we did a lot of hiking, we had layers of clothes. The grass in the foreground is about one foot tall, not easy to walk through.


Notice the Heather, when in bloom (a few weeks back) have a deep purple colour.


Fairy Pools, long hike to mountain where we had a dip in ice cold water.


Getting closer to pool


It appears everyone wants to use the Mikva




This is not the Fairy pool it is one of the lochs. When you eat fish here, either fish and chips or salmon it is fresh as the day caught and delicious.




People hike these mountains, where ever you go you see people dressed with hiking gear, helmet, pack and walking sticks.  It could take hours to days to reach some of these tops. I will send you more pictures even better once I sort them.

Isle of Skye - 'cloud island'

One tour operator describes Skye's Fairy Dust Trail as taking you to all the secret fairy townships on the mystical Isle of Skye. You’ll walk with the supernaturals through fairy-sized landscapes and forests, rock castles, and their most famous baths, the Fairy Pools.

You must take the fairy oath and please wear waterproof clothing and footwear, as we travel to fairy land by going underneath waterfalls.

We then travel to the far west of the island to the dramatic Neist Point. This is the best place on the island to spot whales, dolphins and sharks. Here we transport you to the edge of the world, with its beautiful scenery, awesome skies and endless ocean.

Dunvegan Castle is our next stop. Visit the ancient MacLeod clan castle, set in beautiful gardens, and see for yourself the flag from fairyland which is dated between the 4th and 7th centuries A.D.

We continue to the Fairy Bridge, sitting between the peninsulas of Waternish and Dunvegan.

The bridge is said to mark the place where a fairy wife of a MacLeod chief said her final farewell to her husband and child before she left them to live amongst her own people. She wrapped the child in a magical fairy shawl, which brings protection to the MacLeod clan. This shawl was preserved; it is the famed Faerie Flag of the MacLeod clan, which can be seen today at Dunvegan Castle.  (credit)

(Then again, appreciate the Isle of Skye for the nature walk that it is.)


Thanks Isi!  Mikva?