Grade 4-6 Social Studies

Grades 4-6

Social Studies


Web Site
You can learn more about how to manage your money by choosing to play Get Real or Lemonade Stand. .
Geography and Maps
Memorize the continents in this game.
Get tons of state information here!
Play this fun geography game!
Practice continents, countries, or states in this geography game.
Click on the world map to take a geography quiz! You can practice finding the 50 states, too.
You can find lots of maps here. To find your map, either click on the world map or click on the map index.
Click any choice under Geography to test your knowledge.
Become a geography whiz as you learn how the United States was settled.
Do you recognize the states on a map? Play this game to see.
Practice playing states on the map, as well as identifying state capitals.
Use these online flashcards to learn the states and capitals.
This geography game will test your knowledge about states and countries on a map.
Government and Laws
Learn about our government here. Click on Games to see what you can play.
Learn about our government at the official White House web site for kids.
Use this timeline to learn more about American history.
Learn about life in colonial America at this web site.
Learn about ancient civilizations at this web site.
There are lots of links here to games that help you practice American history.
Learn about Ancient Egypt at this PBS site.
Take on the role of Emperor Tiberius or of Fate in this simulation style game.
Hangman: American Presidents : American Presidents
Do you know your American Presidents? If so, you will win your Hangman games.
How would you like to become a great investigator — of history! Professor Carlotta Facts challenges you to solve the History Mystery!
Enter the time machine to learn about U.S. history.
General Social Studies Sites
Use the clues to decide which presidential child is hiding behind the White House window.
Pick a transportation game to play.
This site is like an online almanac. Scroll down to the bottom if you would like to test your knowledge.