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Software Quality Assurance

posted Dec 12, 2011, 5:35 AM by I Ali Lodhi

Providing quality solutions to complex business problems within scope, budget and tight schedules. Extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance testing in programming, databases and IT support, technical communication. Flexible as regards moving from project to project and in assimilating new technologies to provide best flawless software/Website. Proven team leadership skills. Now looking to continue making a significant contribution within design and development / leading a technical team or consultancy role on interim basis or permanent management position in prestigious organization.

Please be prepare for this winter

posted Dec 12, 2011, 5:14 AM by I Ali Lodhi   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 5:40 AM ]

Person who cares for his pets too
This may sound stupid but be prepare for this winter as some of the things may go wrong if not prepared. We should be careful with the seasons as it can be very dangerous. The only thing I fear that no body can protect their self until they cover up with suitable support as not many person knows that many homeless peoples die in this season as this can't be survived until or unless you have plenty of protection. So do care about those peoples too.  

Positive Thinking leads to positive outcomes

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:17 PM by I Ali Lodhi   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 5:46 AM ]

Be positive and stand alone rather than standing in a group

Once upon a time there was a battle going on and wrong man in wrong place happened to be neutral which became the most hideous sin which cost his job. A man passionate about his job was wrongly accused and without any case he was found guilty of charge and was hanged till death…….

It was some years ago and somewhere in this world as this story is also full of spices and twists in it to entertain all. It all begins when I made a wrong choice in my career and strive towards my fate and that was the beginning of my worst fear, accused numerous times as I was continuously threatening their so called chain of command but as the case was falsely plotted I never got chance to clear thing which would not harm any one else other than their vicious thoughts. The person I am suppose to tell the story got also perished as I could not provide things they were looking for I am a very simple and stupidly neutral person who like to be a very neutral and not to be part of any stupid politics which I may add is a very dirty thing I observed. The more and more you dig the more and more you threatening the peoples in it. And that neutralism will vanish because they only have supporters or opposition persons no neutral person is allowed to survive in any case. So I had to pay the ultimate price and was thrown in the dungeon. I agree with their deceptions as I never gave them good chance to look into my mind as I never have devilish perception towards the prosperity and happiness. I only can say that knowing all stupid things they had done over the past years I never meant to be a right hand person for their stupid policies rather I would be in bottom of the list favoring their policies over our own.


Life has so much to offer....

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:16 PM by I Ali Lodhi   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 5:56 AM ]

Life has so much to offer
Theoretically best sentence when you are in trouble as some one would suggest you “Life has so much to offer” the only concept they forgot to tells you, what perspective they repeat this sentence though I agree with them what it literary means, as this is in reality; very true when it comes to experiencing it. I would like to discuss “How is that possible for everyone” to utilize this theory. As  prisoners of time we all are suffering from various depressions during routine wise as every one is busy in earning for their livings or to support their family regardless how they do it. We are unable to utilize this theory in practical life as you may had heard so many suicidal cases in our society around us or criminal activities such as homicides, all happening around us on what concept or theory. Did they really don’t know this phrase or they intentionally ignore it as humanity is losing its value day by day in our society as our life proceeds regardless what our customs our religious ethics taught us or to them.

Now is there any way to end this as that is now epically growing day by day effecting globally as it is formed into the greater commonly used term “Terrorism” just an excuse to their frustration to their mishaps in their life and they justify by killings others; mostly innocent peoples victimized of their stupid theory for their revenge.

“Why?”  This is what we must try to figure it out as there are so much differences in between their views and any government policies conflicting with our social life perspectives any where in the world. We are all humans and blessed with so many extra exceptional qualities to defend those policies by handling it the right way. There might be some errors in some aspects but policies are made to accommodate our social life making it much easier and facilitating any necessity of life not for bunch of peoples, who thinks they are victimized from varieties of aspects of any government policies such as they might target their own peoples only that they think these peoples are wrong. Then I must admit they must prove them wrong and let the courts decide for their fate not they must take law in their hand and kill their own peoples

You can't touch the same water again in the river as Time waits for no one......

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:16 PM by I Ali Lodhi   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 6:00 AM ]

This is nice way to convince others to get introduce to a real world by posting your view as blogs and hope some one really thinks the way you think. Is this right? Yes, this is really a trick question for a person who never knew this world of informative stuff exists in this world but never tried to come out of its shell. This is not that much weird to have such security issues but what to do as world has terrorist threats all over the world no matter what you do they exists and hits innocent lives. Death toll every day basis and still those beasts thrust is on. Who will tell them this is our world; a world with peace around peoples who love each other and respects their belief, traditions, customs and rites they practice. Let us join any forum to tell them we are no longer differ from each other in what they believes. We are a unit type united to every part of the world no matte what qualities we possess.

Let me ask this, “Who are those beast and how they became that stronger?” You know when we really don’t care what ever happened around us and no matter who our neighbours are, there we provide them strong basement they were looking for. That is why I am asking you to please take care of yourself and peoples around you. Because when you need help they must be the ones who may help you in first place. No doubt we used to hear this phrase a lot when we were kids that is “Knows your neighbourhood best knows yourself” Why,Because your are known by your neighbourhood. Please take care of yourself and peoples around you. But that does not mean that be that nosy or snoopy.

Please let everyone live by their own way, traditions and customs but ask them to be bit careful as sometimes they may be bit awkward to infants. Live and Live others by enjoying every moment of your life be cherished.

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