Welcome to the George Washington Lodge of Research
Concerning Scottish, Colonial & Military Freemasonry

Headquartered within the Mother Lodge of Illustrious Brother George Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we accept affiliation from any Master Mason who is reported by their Grand Lodge to be in good standing and is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons.

Welcome To The George Washington Research Lodge

We acknowledge that Illustrious Brother George Washington was more than just a good man and Freemason. We acknowledge him not just as a National figure, but as an International Masonic icon, for when he returned his sword to Congress and thus relinquishing his authority and power back to the people of the United States, he secured his place in the annals of History. 

Principles such as these were instilled within him by friends and family, many of whom were Freemasons in Fredericksburg who were practitioners of Scottish Freemasonry. He was heavily influenced by these Colonial brethren in his youth and by the Military brethren, whom he was later introduced to, who inspired and confirmed within him a strong moral and Masonic foundation that made him "Father of his country".

The purpose of this Research Lodge is to bring brethren together for the purpose of both Masonic and Academic enlightenment; to recover the fragmented heritage of our historic past and to chronicle and document these moments in time for posterity.  We shall also labor along side other Masonic and academic organizations for the purpose of effectively disseminating Masonic Light to all who wish to know.  We expect to excel in our endeavors and bring honor to this, our gentle Craft.

"Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness."

                                                             ~ George Washington ~

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~ Membership in a Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Virginia ~

~ Must contribute to at least one academic paper every three years ~ 

~ Academic paper must be concerned with any Masonic topic ~

~ Academic paper must be in APA format - No plagiarism ~

~ Annual dues are $25.00 plus COLA ~

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First Saturday of March, June, August 
& December
starting at 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall on the Hanover Street entrance.

Fredericksburg Lodge Pancake Breakfast from 
08:00 am to 10:00 am 

Worshipful Master
Shelton S Mackey, PM

Worshipful Master

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Wor. Shelby Chandler
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