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MyPayments Plus

Mission Statement
The Blount County Child Nutrition Program is committed to meeting the nutritional needs of our students by providing quality food and exceptional service.

We wish to extend to your child a warm welcome to join us for lunch each school day.  We provide a variety of healthy choices that meet the nutritional requirements for both the USDA Dietary Guidelines and Alabama State Department of Education.  Our monthly menus can be viewed at the local school websites.

The Blount County Schools provide meals at the best price in town.  Breakfast cost $1.00; lunch cost $2.00.  Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced priced meals.  Reduced price is $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch.  You may request an application from your child's cafeteria manager.

For your convenience, each school has a pre-paid lunch program.  Prepayment is encouraged because it eliminates the daily handling of money for the child, and reduces the time the student must stand in line waiting, providing them more time to eat.  Meals may be pre-paid each week, month, or even the beginning of the school year.  Students may purchase meals and extra foods, where offerred, with funds debited from their meal account.

We now offer an online cafeteria account management program, MyPayments Plus.  At no charge, you can monitor your child's cafeteria account, view the past 30 days transactions, and receive email notification when your child's cafeteria account reaches a low balance amount.  For a small transaction fee, you can deposit funds directly into your child's cafeteria account from your checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card.  You may call the Child Nutrition office at 205-625-4102 for details on using MyPayments Plus.

We look forward to serving your child a healthy meal and contributing to their life long learning!

Sherry Armstrong
CNP Director