AP English

Essay due Feb 21st by 7:50 AM on turnitin.com: Consider the readings from pages 259-306 in your text. Using them as sources, answer the following question in 500 words or fewer: What are the elements of an effective community? Develop your position using quotes (evidence) from at least 3 different readings and be sure to acknowledge viewpoints other than your own.

    1. Which of the two metaphors (backpack or fingerprints) works better in terms of appeal to her audience? 
    2. To what extent is Quindlen concerned with the values of the community? The individual?

Ridiculously detailed Gatsby index: http://www.brtom.org/gg/ggind1.html

    Use either  the freshman applicant prompt or the prompt for all applicants; 600 word maximum.

    1.  Read the article and be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow (Friday).
    2.  Write a thesis statement for or against "de-extinction" with three supporting subtopics. 
    3.  Choose one of your subtopics and write a well developed paragraph in support of it. (Should be 8/9 quality.)

    (Argument assignment details are in the first attachment.)

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