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Similar to the individual characteristics identified by the Myers Briggs inventory, the Supervisor Leadership and Communication Inventory (SLCI) assesses organizational communication traits. Using a stoplight metaphor with red, yellow, and green zones, the SLCI measures supervisors’ leadership and communication effectiveness.

Why is the SLCI the right diagnostic tool
for your organization?


Research documents a very strong correlation between supervisor communication and employee performance.


Reality demands dedication and effort when organizations want to move from good to great! Ineffective communication from even a handful of supervisors can leave organizations ill equipped to lead and manage in a complex, global landscape.


Results show the benefits of proactive leadership!

             · High Employee Retention                             

             · Increased Productivity

             · Enhanced Employee Commitment

             · Improved Employee Engagement

             · Improved Customer Satisfaction

             · High Employee Morale

             · Increased Employee Trust

             · More Creativity & Innovation


What happens during a SLCI assessment?

An on-site or phone consultation with senior leadership is conducted. After the meeting, the SLCI is adapted to align with management’s specific measurement objectives. Using a confidential online survey, data is collected from employees and comprehensive data analysis is conducted. A subsequent on-site consultation occurs to brief organizational leaders about the results of the assessment.
How much does a SLCI assessment cost?
The investment varies depending on the size of the organization as well as the complexity of the assessment. After a brief telephone consultation, a proposal is provided at no cost to the organization.


Find out how the SLCI
can help your organization!


  • Free phone consultation to discuss your assessment needs – Visit with Dr. Rouse and Dr. Schuttler about the specific needs of your organization.
  • No obligation proposal – Receive a written proposal detailing SLCI services and pricing.
  • Website discount! Use the contact form below and receive a 10% discount on SLCI services.

How can my organization benefit from a SLCI assessment?


  • Wellness Checks (green zone) – Proactively conduct an evaluation to prevent problems
  • Early Diagnosis (yellow zone) – Stop problems before they spread to other parts of the organization
  • System-wide Intervention (red zone) – Identify high risk factors


“As a Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development, I have worked several years on improving and transforming organizations. I have used my expert training and background in human communications over the years to diagnose and improve the human communication element within organizations. I have not seen or used a tool that is as precise and more beneficial than the Supervisor Leadership and Communication Inventory (SLCI).


The Laws of Communication SLCI tool provides the means to assess, develop, and improve communication strategies for any organization that is serious about developing their leaders and improving supervisory and organizational performance based on communication.


John Maxwell says that everything rises and falls on leadership; using the SLCI is a means for organizations to rise to the next level of supervisory performance that in turn influences organizational performance—all with great communication as the foundation.”


~ Dr. Carolyn M. DeLeon

   VP, Human Resources & Organizational Development