histoires de boites à couture

The "Vallée d'Aigues Tourist Information Centre »
and the « Histoires de boites à couture » association


are organizing their first

International Exhibition of Contemporary and Traditionnal Textile Art 


Which will be held from the 8 th to the 11 th of May 2009

at  the "Château de la Tour d'Aigues and the Villages of the Vallée d'Aigues"


« The Sewing Box in Provence »

Organize a contest with the theme of :

« Ochres, Colours and Lights »


 Category : Traditionnal, Contemporary, Textil Art

Inscription before the 1st of February 2009


Ochres, Colours and Lights, any shade of Ochres,

you have to create an original work, though colour, material and shape


         ·         Two format are possible:

               Square of 1m. each side  - square of 50 cm each side.

   ·         Pre-selection from a photo 15th February 2009 (minimum, one photo of the all picture, and one or

         many detailed photos or 1 CD with al the photos in high definition min. 300 DPI) with your

         name and the of your work, the send your work is going to be.

   ·         Date limit to receive all the Works and last selection will be done on the 30th March  2009

   ·         All the works have to be an original one, and have never been selected to any other competition.

   ·         The Work can be individual or collective; you can also do a Work made of 4 quilted square of 50 cm

         put together.

   ·         All the Works have to have on the back a sort of a sleeve of 8 cm wide (divided in 3 parts, 2cm

         from the top for the 1 m.  quilt , divided in 2 parts, for the 50 cm quilts)  to help with the hanging,

         and a tag with your last name, first name, address of the author, date of the realisation

         et title of  your Work.

   ·         The Contest is open to everyone, with the exception of the member of the Jury and their family.

   ·         All the Works will be insured by the Tourist Information Centre.

   ·         Flyers and publications and catalogue : all the photos are the property of the Organization,

         your Work being selected or not. Sending your photos means that you agree that they might

         be used for publicity of any sort of media, Internet, newspaper etc… 

         The Tourist Information Centre will mention your name and the name of your Work.

   ·         The Copyright of the Work will still the Artist’s property.

   ·         All freight charges will be the at the participant’s charge. More information will follow after the first

         selection from the photos.

                If for any unknown and involuntary reasons from the Tourist Information Centre from the Vallee d’Aigues

         or from the Association « Histoire de boites a couture » the competition should be cancelled,

        the participants agreed not to put the responsibility to the Association “Histoires de boite a couture »

        or the Tourist Information Centre of the Vallee d’Aigues.


             Office de Tourisme de la Vallée d’Aigues
     Le Château - 84240 La Tour d’Aigues
     tel : 0033( 0) 4 90 07 50 29 - Fax : 0033 (0)4 90 07 35 91
     e-mail :

           Association « Histoires de boites à couture »

Mas des Léonides – Belle Etoile

84760 Saint Martin de la Brasque

Tel : 0033(0) 6 07 95 52 06

            e-mail :


Bulletin of Engagement to the Contest to be returned before the 1st of February 2009 to


Association « Histoires de boites à couture »

Belle Etoile – Chemin des Micoulettes

84760 Saint Martin de la Brasque



“ Ochres, Colours and Lights”

Last Name  (in Capital letters)

First Name



Zip and City





Name of the Work

Size in cm

Year of completion


Description and comments





Textile Art  £

Contemporary £


Pieces to be joined

  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos : as many photos of the whole Work or details that you would like, to make sure that we will understand your Work properly. (Name, title, sens and dimensions will have to be on the back of all the photos. If it is possible we would like to have the photos taken with a digital camera,  all the photos must be named as follow. (name of the author_title of your Work_number of the photo)and be on a very resolution and in JPEG.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 One franked envelope labelled to your name.

Having read the conditions of participations of this contest (participations (specified on the first page of this bulletin), I present this Work to the contest « The sewing Box in Provence -  2009 ».

Date and signature (preceded by the mention « read and approved »)