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Many stores have installed locking wheels on their shopping carts that are supposed to stop shopping cart theft. Walmart and Tesco are the main ones.  The cart gets a signal when it leaves the parking lot and one of the wheels locks up.  This makes the cart almost unusable and extremely annoying until an employee unlocks it.

The good news: You can forge this signal!

All you have to do is play a certain sound through your car speakers or hand held speakers and the carts will lock up. The vibrating magnetic field caused by the speakers makes the wheel think that it left the parking lot. The brakes inside the wheel will activate, rendering the cart unusable. 

The mp3 that contains this sound is called lockthecart.mp3, and can be downloaded on the left hand side of this page. Just burn it to a CD or put it on your mp3 player and play it as loud as you want. The louder it is, the more range it has. Enjoy.