Residential Services

Keep Your Home Safe with our Residential Locksmith Services

When people think of a locksmith, their minds go straight to helping people unlock their cars when they forget their keys. Of course, Ariel Reliable Locksmith does so much more, including ensuring that your home is safe and protected. It’s not all about replacing keys or unlocking doors. As a residential locksmith we provide a variety of services that can help ensure your complete safety in your home.

Say you come home one day and discover your next door neighbor in Lawrenceville has been robbed. The weak lock on the front door has been kicked open, breaking off the hinges and shattering your sense of safety in your own neighborhood. In a situation such as this, Ariel Reliable Locksmith can help make your home safer and less vulnerable to intruders.

Being a residential locksmith, we, in essence, are charged with the security of your home. In addition to our simple locksmith services such as key duplication and repairing locks, we install high-tech dead bolts, barrel bolts, and a wide variety of door hardware. We even make keys and locks for things such as your mailbox or desk drawers. As your home locksmith we offer the most advanced door locks, providing you -the home owner, with the best products and services for your individual needs and within your budget. We consider any profit as secondary to your safety and your security.

We also offer childproofing services, bringing you name brand, manufacturer and industry rated devices for protecting the smallest members of your family.

When it comes to the safety of your family and home, you’ll want the best possible service and so we strive to provide this for you. In the end, your first line of defense in protecting your Lawrenceville home is choosing Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we are indeed reliable, affordable, and well-respected in our community.

Don't forget, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need a locksmith in emergency situations.