Forensic Locksmith Services

Forensic Locksmith Services

Ariel Reliable Locksmith offers Investigative Locksmith Services commonly known as Forensic Locksmithing.

After a burglary, theft, unauthorized entry, incidents of vandalism and sureptitious bypass -A forensic locksmith is often called to determine how the incident occurred, such as a vehicle being moved without the owner's authorization, things being removed from a closed and locked office, business or home and likely scenarios as to how entry was gained, including if and how the device was opened, neutralized, or bypassed and provide the facts surrounding the compromise of a lock or key system.

A forensic locksmith doesn't necessarily determine 'why' or 'who', but rather we make our determination by inspection, of the 'how' and the 'what' or the methods and tools used. These can be due to unauthorized activity, authorized activity, manufacturer's defects, faulty installation, vandalism, sabotage, wrong operation, authorized or illegal bypass. There are many different criteria to be considered in formulating a determination.

That's where Ariel Reliable Locksmith comes in; With over 35 years of experience, our Master Locksmith has considerable expertise to know the "ins and outs"of how different lock and locking mechanism operate. He knows the weaknesses of the lock and locking mechanism and how to identify them. He knows the differnt tools, equipment and methods that can be used for surreptitious operation, and -the "telltale"signs of unauthorized operation and is able to identify them. For instance the difference between wear marks from normal operation -and tool marks burglary tools. We take the time to determine all of the possible alternate scenarios.

We may examine a crime scene/vehicle and search for evidence that explains how something happened. Or you may send the material to us for examination. For example, if a home or business has been burglarized and an office or locked rooms or cabinets opened, we will investigate how access could have been gained not only into the building, but also into any interior locked spaces or containers. We have expertise in different door hardware installations as well as locks.

Let us help with the 'hows' and 'whats' to give you more data in determining the 'who'.

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