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General Information

April 7-9, 2016

The CUNY Graduate Center 
New York, NY

Jessica Gordon-Roth, City University of New York - CUNY
Kathryn Tabb, Columbia University
Benjamin Hill, University of Western Ontario

The purpose of the Locke Workshop is to bring Locke scholars from around the world together and give CUNY Graduate Center students a glimpse of early modern scholarship in action! This Workshop complements the graduate seminar Jessica Gordon-Roth is teaching at the Graduate Center, and the graduate seminar Kathryn Tabb is teaching at Columbia University. It also comes on the heels of the Locke Workshops hosted by Jessica Gordon-Roth and Benjamin Hill at Western Ontario in 2015, and the City University of New York - Lehman College in 2014. (These Workshops were inspired by by earlier ones organized by Ruth Boeker at the University of St. Andrews (June 2012) & Jessica Gordon-Roth at Washington and Lee University (October 2012).) 

This year's Locke Workshop will feature panels of scholars discussing Locke's interactions with contemporary supporters and critics including: Damaris Cudworth, Catharine Trotter Cockburn, Stillingfleet, Sergeant, Malebranche, Norris, Mary Astell, and Edwards. Panelists will give short presentations, and then facilitate open discussions of Locke's philosophical thinking in light of his engagement with, or relationships to, his contemporaries. We hope that the panel discussions will reveal larger patterns regarding the character of Locke's philosophical thinking, in addition to providing insights regarding specific issues or questions within Locke scholarship.  

We are looking forward to another successful and stimulating event! 

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