Confirmed Attendees

For all talks on Thursday and Friday:
To enter the CUNY Graduate Center Building, please show your state ID (or passport) and sign in at the front desk.
Then proceed to the elevators directly ahead and take to the appropriate floor. 

Note: the talks are in different rooms on Thursday and Friday! Please see the Program for more information.

Patrick Connolly (Iowa State)
Han Thomas Adriaenssen (Groningen)
Shelley Weinberg (Illinois - Urbana Champaign)
Patricia Sheridan (Guelph)
Emily Thomas (Groningen)
Regan Penaluna (Ph.D., Boston University/Assistant Editor at Nautilus)
Jacqueline Broad (Monash)
Julie Walsh (Wellesley)
Nancy Kendrick (Wheaton College (Mass.))
Victor Nuovo (Middlebury)
Antonia LoLordo (UVA)
Benjamin Hill (Western)
Jessica Gordon-Roth (CUNY)
Kathryn Tabb (Columbia)
Gina Luria Walker (New School for Social Research)
David Owen (University of Arizona)
Ruth Boeker (University of Melbourne)
Ana Coelho (St. Louis Community College)
Matthew Leisinger (Yale) 
Katharine Addis (NYU)
Sarah Gockhale (CUNY Graduate Center)
Jessie McCormack (CUNY Graduate Center)
Yale Weiss (CUNY Graduate Center)
Zoey Ockenden (CUNY Graduate Center)
Fiona Schick (CUNY Graduate Center)
Joseph Bendana (CUNY Graduate Center)
Augustine Si Zhou (Columbia)
Adam Blazej (Columbia)
Danielle Carr (Columbia)
Arthur Heller (Columbia)
Lin Zhang (Columbia)
Philip Yaure (Columbia)
Yiyi Zhang (Columbia)
Itamar Rosensweig (Columbia) 
Joseph Mazzocchi (Columbia)
Mingyuan Li (Columbia)
Doug Shepardson (Columbia)
Damion Kareem Scott (Columbia)
Justin Steinberg (CUNY, Brooklyn College)
Iakovos Vasiliou (CUNY Graduate Center)