Task List (Room Attendant)

Turn down Service at

Norwegian Dawn -NCL Ship. Creating animal towel origami as special touch .

thorough clean. TOP to BOTTOM, RIGHT TO LEFT..

Clean  the room, Make your guest Happy
, extra attention to their need, be Friendly, TLC, and kill them with SERVICE..!!!
 and your guest will you.


Room Attendant
  1. Use Your Room Assignment Sheet
  2. Get Guest Amenities for Assigned Rooms
  3. Get Cleaning Supplies for Assigned Rooms
  4. Keep Your Cart and Work Areas Organized
  5. Enter The Guestroom (Follow the procedure in your hotel.! ) Knock..knock...
  6. Prepare the guest room for cleaning
  7. Begin to clean the Bathroom
  8. Clean the tub and shower area
  9. Clean the toilet
  10. Clean the Sink and Vanity
  11. Clean the Bathroom floor
  12. Finish Cleaning the bathroom
  13. Clean the Guestroom Closet
  14. Make the bed
  15. Dust the Guestroom
  16. Replenish Supplies and Amenities
  17. Clean windows, Tracks, and Sills
  18. Put finishing touches on the Guestroom
  19. Vacuum the Guestroom and Report Room Status
  20. Exit The Guestroom
  21. Correct Cleaning Problems found during inspection
  22. Complete End-of-Shift Duties
  23. Rotate and Flip Mattresses
  24. Set Up or Remove Special Guest Service Equipment
  25. Clean Multiroom Guest Suites
  26. Provide Evening Turndown Service.
Note: Due to US public health advice, cleaning the bathroom best to do at the last after the guestroom to prevent  bactery or virus spreading to the guestroom areas. And of course you should always wash your hand after cleaning.

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