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Housekeeping : Maid making bed in hotel room Stock  PhotoEfficiently managed housekeeping  department ensure the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of lodging properties.

Many thing we can do to satisfy our guests other than just cleaning.

Safety is the number one priority of all employees at anywhere also in housekeeping department. All injuries and incidents can be eliminated through an effective safety program. At the Hotel, safety program is very much employee oriented, maximum employee participation is the key ingredient to its success.

Safety signs are important to ensure everyone's safety..!!

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Watch these videos to learn how things to be done @ Housekeeping Dept.

Task list of room attendant must do during cleaning time.

NOTHING SENDS A STRONGER MESSAGE than cleanliness in a hospitality operation. No level of service, friendliness, or glamour can equal the sensation a guest has upon entering a spotless, tidy, and conviniently arranged room.

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Proper key control procedures are important for guest security and privacy. Key Control also protects the property by reducing the possibility og guest and property theft. Housekeeping is primarily concerned handling all keys.

Learn about Types of Keys

The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations

Efficiently managed housekeeping department ensure the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of lodging properties. The Housekeeping department not only prepares clean guestrooms on a timely basis for arriving and staying  guests, it also cleans and maintains everything in the hotel so that the property is as fresh and attractive as the day it opened for business.

    The tasks performed by a housekeeping department are critical to the smooth daily operation of any hotel.