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Analyzing traffic patterns and road usage is a common problem in the discipline of urban studies and planning. Currently civil engineers use strip counters, which are pressure sensor strips laid across roadways that count tires. From there an estimate can be determined on frequency of vehicular traffic and the type of vehicles based on the time between the tire input. This system is far from perfect because traffic patterns are hard to predict based off of a few isolated counters and it would be far more useful to know the type of vehicle traffic from semi-trucks to sedans. A system that is able to take this extra data into account would provide more accurate surveys for how our road infrastructure is being utilized and where it can be improved. 

Our goal is to build a better traffic analyzer utilizing video and sensor input on a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. By using live video input instead of pressure sensors we can track multiple lanes and see how different vehicles move between the lanes. In addition we will be better able to categorize the vehicle class based on an image rather than counting tire axle distance.  By analyzing this data, researchers will be able to better understand the flow of traffic as well as the type of cars on the road at any given time of day.

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