Locked in the Past

You had a late night out with your friends, and the weariness started to kick in. You intend to take a quick shut-eye before your next grueling class.

After drifting off, you found yourself waking up in a place that gives you the sense of strangeness and familiarity at the same time. You walked out from the classroom, and you see things around being strangely different. There were unfamiliar faces of people, and the school building's look is different from what you have used to see.

In your right hand, you realized that you are now holding a walkie-talkie. Instinctively, you press '1' on the keypad, and a voice came on the walkie-talkie. Instantly; you know very well that's your friend. With a sense of relief, you communicated with your pal via the walkie-talkie while you continue to explore the school.

Judging from what you see, you are confident that this is not where you are supposed to belong. From these people fashion look, they seem to be in the 80s era.


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