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If you are a neighbor in need of assistance during this time of COVID-19 concern-  please let one of our board members know and we will do what we can to get some neighborhood assistance for you!  We are all neighbors!


Chuy’s is coming to Loch Braemar!


Pick up at the pool parking lot on

Tuesday, October 6th from 5:30PM–6:30PM


How to Order On Line: 

1.       Go to Chuys Online Ordering Website at: Order.Chuys.com

2.       Select Location by typing in 23236 in space provided

3.       Click “order” button by correct Chuy’s location.

a.       How do you want to order? Choose “Pickup”

b.      When do you want to order? Select “Scheduled”

c.       Date: 10/6/2020 and click “accept”

d.      Click the dropdown arrow next to “time” and choose 12PM for the pickup time.

e.      Click “Begin Order”

4.       You may order anything from the menu! No modifications can be made beyond what is prompted.  

5.       YOU MUST ORDER BEFORE 12PM on Tuesday, October 6th. No orders will be accepted after that time.

a.       The Family Meal Kits are very popular for families (feeds 4). Choose from Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tacos, or Nachos.

b.      Margaritas come in sealed containers with lime and salt on the side. No ice so it won’t be watered down. Don’t for get ID when picking up!


Checking Out:

After adding everything to your cart, this is VERY CRITICAL! This is how we group your Neighborhood’s orders together.

 1.       Click Check out as Guest:

a.       In the First name field, write your First and Last name.  (Ex: Kirstin Smith)

b.      In the Last Name field, enter your Neighborhood Name.  (Ex: Loch Braemar)

2.       Follow remaining Check Out instructions and complete payment.


Picking Up Your Order: 

1.       Pick up is Tuesday, October 6th between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM at the pool parking lot.

2.       Please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet apart and please wear a mask.

3.       Bring your ID if you order alcohol.

4.       When it is your turn in line, please provide your name and have your order confirmation ready.

5.       Enjoy and we looking forward to seeing you again!

Print These Instructions- Click Here

If you prefer to order by phone - click here for instructions

Update on Pool Opening 2020
Letter from the President
After careful consideration and calculated deliberation, the Loch Braemar Board of Directors unanimously voted to NOT open the Loch Braemar pool for the 2020 pool season.  There are many reasons the pool remaining closed in 2020 is the best decision for the pool, and the welfare and safety of the Loch Braemar Community.
1. The 2019 novel corona virus spread and available guidance on controlling or managing spread is unknown and unpredictable. Phase 3 guidance for pools and other businesses was made available in mid-June, which makes solidifying opening plans, staffing, membership recruitment, and resource procurement a challenge.
2. There is no room for error in the Loch Braemar pool budget. Loch Braemar pool is funded primarily through memberships and limited donations. Many other community pools are funded through Home Owners Association dues which community members are required to pay by covenant. As such, Loch Braemar must recruit members and does not have a guaranteed income from homeowners of the community as many other associations do.  The Loch Braemar Community Association’s primary responsibility is to ensure the general welfare of the community.  From the LBCA Board perspective, this includes being good stewards of the pool in the long run.  In order to do that, the funds in 2020 must be managed conservatively.
3.  Loch Braemar pool is managed by volunteers. Other community pools hire aquatic management companies to maintain and manage the day to day pool operations.  The cost of this service well exceeds the Loch Braemar operating budget and in many cases these fees are passed on to the pool members and to HOA dues for pools who choose to use
this service.  Being a volunteer run pool works well in most circumstances, but the advanced decontamination measures, social distancing, attendance restrictions, and mask requirements of 2020 exceed what should be asked of volunteers or  staff.
4. A 2020 pool season, in the face of so many challenges, will not be the same as what we remember. What would a summer pool season with face masks, staying six feet apart, monitoring decontamination practices and our neighbors’ symptoms really look like? 
It is my sincere hope that we are simply hitting the pause button on Loch Braemar pool for the 2020 season and all the cherished members, staff, and swim team members will be back in 2021.  Loch Braemar is your pool. You are what makes Loch Braemar pool the best pool around. The LBCA wants to make sure the pool is here for you and your family for many years to come- exactly how you remember it.  Maybe even a little better than you remember it.

Stephanie Dela Cruz, LBCA President

Do you have ideas for or would you like to help plan other small, social distancing friendly events this summer?  Please contact Amy Garrison at amyg5@comcast.net to help the social committee.

Loch Braemar Directory Questionnaire on left side bar of each page

Loch Braemar Board 2020
President : 
Stephanie DelaCruz   
Vice President: Denise Langford  
Treasurer: Genelle Pollock  
Secretary: Kara Olmstead 
Pool Chair: Dennis Norwood 
Social Chair: Amy Garrison, Millie Corsoro 
Membership Chair: Patsy Headley 
Grounds Chair: Jerry Headley  

Non-voting members:
Pool Manager - VACANT
Communications - Joe Moore  
Contact ANY Borad member at LBCATreas@gmail.com

The Board usually meets the 1st Thursday of the month. Community members are always welcome to attend meetings & committee chair people are always looking for people to help with their duties. There are opportunities big and small.  E-mail a committee chair today!

What's New

Common Interest Fees  $60  Due by April 1st but will accept payment at any time. 
Checks remit to" LBCA 9940 Kingussle Ln. N. Chesterfield, VA 23236  Or use a credit card on our website www.lochbraemar.com on the "About Us" page and email any corrections to lbcatreas@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting our neighborhood. These fees help with upkeep of front entrance & pool, pay for property taxes and community events

Pool Deck News

Who can’t wait for May? 🙋‍♂️🙋

A HUGE thank you 🙏 to all those who live in Loch Braemar and those who are associate pool members who love the pool. LBCA appreciates 🥰the volunteers who came out today to get deck demolition done ✅.

It continues to be an inspiration to see what a motivated and caring team can accomplish in a few hours on a chilly 🥶 afternoon.

Next step: prep the site before the new concrete deck.

Good Progress- see more pictures of Demolition Day in the Gallery