to IPMS (UK) Locate and Cement. We are a 'virtual' branch of the IPMS giving an opportunity for those folks who are unable to attend a local branch a place to meet together with like-minded people in the plastic modelling community. We have no particular specialisations and you can meet up with fellow members who build in all scales and all genres.

You don't have to be an IPMS member to join in, the only qualification is that you are mad about building plastic models. Our forum is a very laid back place to visit and you will receive a warm welcome.

To access the forum click www.locate-and-cement.com. You can browse as a guest, but if you want to post you will need to register on the forum - there is no charge for this.

IPMS (UK) Locate and Cement came into being on the weekend of Scalemodelworld 2009. The founder members (check out the Who's who page) had known each other since getting together to organise display tables on behalf of Britmodeller IPMS. Following the demise of Britmodeller IPMS they decided to try and form another virtual branch - due to geographic separation. With the help and cooperation of the IPMS UKLO and EC it was a case of 'mission accomplished' and hearty thanks to them in assisting getting the show literally on the road.

The aim of IPMS (UK) Locate and Cement is to bring together modellers of all ages and ability, to enable them to have a meeting place if they are unable to attend a physical branch, or simply as a meeting place if they have friends separated by time and distance. IPMS membership is not a prerequisite of taking part in IPMS (UK) Locate and Cement, but non-members are encouraged to think about joining up in order to take advantage of the various benefits available.

As well as a meeting place the forum is valuable for seeking advice and encouragement within the hobby and in enabling members to share advice, hints, tips and reference material. The forum is also a vehicle for Group Builds, of which more anon on a separate page. Members feeling confident enough are able to share their builds in blow by blow accounts and then post up their completed pride and joy, in fact everybody is encouraged to do this regardless of experience or level of skill.

IPMS (UK) Locate and Cement will also be dedicated to attending as many model shows as can be fitted into the calender and give members the opportunity to exhibit their work and meet up with on-line mates. It is also hoped that other social events can be organised in order for members to get together.

Do please keep an eye on these pages, especially the news and events diary as we will endeavour to update these regularly . 

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