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Local Sprouts Cooperative focuses on providing creative local and organic food.  This is our menu for catering and our community supported kitchen (CSK).   We serve local and seasonal foods, so our menu changes through the seasons.  The CSK will draw from this menu and offer weekly selections with more specials.

We make delicious local food for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies.
For catering orders  there is a minimum of 6 people per item.  For the CSK we will pick certain items from our menu and offer the item per serving. 
For more info about the CSK go here.  For more info about Catering go here

Also if you don't see something you want, ask us and we'd love to cook it!

Thank you for sharing food with Local Sprouts Cooperative.  We love food and we love to share it with you!  

Throughout the menu we have used letters V for vegan, v for vegetarian 


$3.50 per serving  for vegetarian and vegan dishes.  $4.00 for meat dishes.  Most soups can be made vegetarian of vegan or gluten free.

Year-Round Soups

Seasonal Soup Delights- we put together local vegetables for a wonderful vegetarian vegetable soup

Maine Bean- a mix of Maine grown beans and seasonal vegetables

Maine Grain- Wheatberries & Barley in a rich, onion & garlic or chicken broth

Lentil - onions, garlic and lentils seasoned with salt and black pepper
Coconut black bean soup: Hearty black bean soup with a caribbean flavor
Chicken Soup: Downhome style chicken soup that keep you warm all winter long

Fish Chowder: Good ol'  Fish Chowder with potatoes, corn and veggies in a thick creamy broth.

Clam Chowder: Maine clams in Maine cream. 


Shav- a Eastern European sorrel soup, served cold with sour cream

Spring Dug Parsnips and Potato Soup- creamy and sweet parsnips fresh from the spring ground

Cream of Spring: Asparagus, Parsnips, Fiddleheads, Nettles, Spinach, Dandelions, Chives, Oregano, Maine Sea Salt, Fresh Cream


Gazapacho- tomatoes, cucumbers and other summer vegetables in a cool refreshing soup

Summer Cream: Fresh summer vegetables in a cream soup, hot or cold. 

Spicy Tomato: Hot peppers and ripe heirloom tomatoes, with chicken or vegetarian. 

Fall & Winter:

Fall Harvest Soup: Root vegetables and fall vegetables in a rich vegetarian broth

Fennel & Roots – turnips, carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes, and fennel in a rich broth

Creamy Potato Leek: Local potatoes and leeks blended in a creamy delight

Butternut squash soup: Creamy orange and delicious

Carrot Ginger: Local carrots cooked to bliss with a sharp ginger flavor

Coconut Curry Squash: Creamy winter squash soup with coconut milk and curry

Appetizers & Sides

offered year-round

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables (Vor v) $4

with Choice of Sauce: Garlic Cheese Sauce, Rosemary Balsamic Olive Oil, Lemon Dill, Maple walnut butter

Maine Potato Fries: Forget french or freedom fries, these are from Maine potatoes and are crisp and delicious. (V) $3

Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms - Large button mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic, loaded with seafood stuffing, topped with cheese and baked. $3

Fresh Spring Rolls: Lettuce, noodles, basil, and your choice of shrimp, chicken or no meat wrapped in rice papers with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. (V or meat) $3

Fried Spring Rolls: Noodles, cabbage and vegetables fried in rice papers. (V) $

Vegetable Pakora: Vegetables fried in a chickpea flour batter (V) $3

Scallop Brochettes wrapped in Maple Bacon-Maine scallops wrapped and roasted in local bacon $5

Garlic Scallops or Shrimp-Maine scallops or shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic $5

Chicken Satay: Skewers of chicken with peanut satay sauce $4

Black Rice with Pumpkin Seeds & Seaweed (V) $3

Brown Rice (V) $2

Red Beans and Rice: A slammin' cajun side (V or meat) $3

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes: Local potatoes roasted with butter or olive oil with rosemary (V or v) $3

Sautéed greens: Local greens sauteed in olive oil and garlic (V) $2.50

Southern Greens: Collard greens and kale cooked till tender in molasses, balsamic, pepper sauce (V or v) $3

Garlic Bread: local bread, local butter, local garlic (we also use olive oil for a vegan option) (Vor v) $2

Kim Chi: a mix of spicy fermented vegetables $3


Roasted or Grilled Asparagus: Asparagus roasted in garlic or grilled. (V) $3

Sauteed Fiddleheads with Garlic and Wine in Butter- (v or V with oil) $4


Bruchetta: Local french bread with basil, tomato, and goat cheese or mozarella (V or v) $3
Baked Garlic Scapes or Garlic with Pumpkin Seeds (V) $3.50
Fried Green Tomatoes (V or v) $3
Creole Green Beans  (v) $3

Maple Roasted Squash- drizzled with Maple syrup and butter (or none for vegans) (V or v) $4


Offered Year Round- our ingredients change based on the season but we can offer these dishes year round

Bliss Salad with Mesclun Greens, Shredded Carrots & Beets $3.50

Seasonal Salad: we put together the freshest salad using food that is local and available

Roots Slaw- a coleslaw using a variety of root vegetables including carrots, beets, rutabaga, and turnips, radishes or parsnips when available with a honey vinegar dressing- $3.50

Angeline's Salad – blackened vegetables or fish on a bed of herbs onions and greens with Jalapeno vinaigrette (V or fish) $6 for fish, $5 for veggies

Maine Tabouli – Maine wheatberries, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, scallions, lemon juice and various seasonings $4

Hummus - a creamy puree of chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste) seasoned with lemon juice and garlic $3.50 

Maple Roasted Beets, Carrots, & Walnut Salad over Arugula $5

Wild Wheatberry Salad- Wheatberries, Beets, Cabbage, Greens with a Garlic Honey Dressing $4

Spinach, Onions, Goat Cheese and Apple- with a honey balsamic dressing $4


Wild Greens Springs Salad- wild harvested and cultivated greens with garlic fiddleheads- $4


Simple Salad – diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions seasoned lightly with apple vinegar cracked pepper and sea salt (V) $3.50- Summer

Capri Salata – basil, tomato, olives, and oregano tossed with balsamic vinaigrette (V) $3.50 -Summer


Roasted Squash over Kale with Pumpkin Seeds- a fall treat with a sweet maple garlic dressing
Baba Gahnoush - a creamy puree of roasted eggplant and tahini (sesame seed paste) seasoned with lemon juice and garlic $4


Warm Rosemary Potatoes over Arugula- with a maple vinegarette dressing- $4.50


our platters bring together some of our appetizers and more delicious finger food in a great starter or light lunch. 

based on a dozen servings

Mediterranean: Stuffed Grape leaves, hummus, baba gahnoush, tabouli, pita bread and falaffel.  $32

Mexican: Tortillas, quesadillas, mexican beans, chili fish or tofu,  $34 with fish, $32 with tofu

Thai: Fresh spring rolls, fried spring rolls and chicken satay or tofu $38 with chicken and shrimp, $32 with tofu

Maine: Shrimp, mussels, local bread, and roasted potato spears $42

Veggies and dip: fresh vegetables and our own creamy dill, tahini miso or peanut sauce $24

Sushi: vegetable, shrimp and tofu sushi $36 (we currently do not make raw fish sushi)

Fruit platter: Local fruits or imported depending on the season (ask for current options) $30

Chips and Dips: corn tortillas chips with black bean dip, spicy mashed sweet potatoes, salsa, guacomole $24


Hummus Among Us- Creamy Hummus with a mix of fresh vegetables $5
Roasted Root Vegetable- Roasted Carrots, Beets, Potatoes and Onions $6
Roasted Summer Vegetable- The freshest vegetables in the summer, over greens with Maine cheese- $6
Goat Cheese and Spinach- with slices of apple and onion- $6

Italians: Local cheese, crusty or soft rolls, choice of veggies: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, or hot relish. Oil, salt, pepper or mayo. Sliced turkey or ham (non-local) $7 meat, $6 veggie

Chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread $6

The Maine Veggie Burger- a grain and vegetable burger made from all Maine ingredients- $5



Vegetarian and Vegan

Curried Vegetable Quinoa: carrots, onions, ginger, kale, and squash curried over quinoa (V) $9

Baked Tempeh and Vegetables: a mix of seasonal vegetables with pieces of moist marinated tempeh- (V) $9

Pad Thai: Classic thai noodle dish with Tofu, Egg or no egg, Mung bean sprouts, peanuts and scallions. (V or v) $7

Penne Primavera – sautéed fresh vegetables in a rich Alfredo sauce served over penne pasta (v) $9

Sprouts bowl (V): $8 - your choice of : Rice (black or brown), wheatberries, quinoa, millet or noodles &

Seasonal mix of vegetables (ask for what we have currently) & Nuts or seeds & Tempeh or tofu (steamed or fried) & Sprouts

Lemon Tahini Sauce, Ginger Miso Sauce, or Balsamic maple dressing

Dal: Lentils cooked until smooth with curry seasoning (V) $6
Potato and Vegetable Curry: (ask for current vegetables) (V) $7
Peanut Noodles: Thick rice noodles and vegetables in spicy peanut sauce.  (V) $8

Artichoke, spinach and olive white  lasagna: A rich vegetarian lasagna with artichoke hearts and black olives in a creamy alfredo sauce. (v) $8

Roasted pepper, olive, garlic and vegetable lasagna: a vegan lasagna with tofu "ricotta cheese", roasted pepper and black olives in our homemade red sauce (V)$8

See pizzas for more vegetarian options


we use local seafood when available (except salmon)

Haddock Hollandaise: grilled haddock served on a bed of cous cous with sun dried tomatoes garlic and onions topped with a hollandaise sauce $10

Jambalaya: traditional southeastern Louisiana jambalaya  $10

Rigatoni Giovanni: baby shrimp, olives, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and garlic sautéed in olive oil and spices $10

Steamers in Butter and White Wine  market price
Shrimp Scampi: garlic, butter and maine shrimp- a delight! $11
Salmon with Fresh Herbs: Wild pacific salmon roasted in the oven with fresh herbs.  market price
Fish and Chips with a beer batter: Fresh and fried! $10

Lemon Dill Cod or Haddock: Baked haddock or cod marinated in a lemon, dill, tamari sauce $10

Lobster Dinner with all the fixings: Boiled Maine lobster, butter, baked or mashed potatoes, green beans or corn, and rolls.  market price

we use free-range, natural and mostly local chicken.

Olive and Roasted red pepper marinated chicken breast:chicken breast in a rich sauce with local herbs $10

Maple Barbeque roasted chicken wings $9

Roasted local chicken $12

with your choice of stuffings: Citrus and fruit with bread, olive bread, or vegetable bread stuffing

Chicken and Vegetable StirFry- a mix of  vegetables with pieces of chicken in a spicy Thai influenced sauce $9

Baked Chicken with Vegetables- a mix of seasonal vegetables baked in the oven with a local honey beer marinade $10

Beef, Venison and Buffalo

we use only free-range and Maine grown beef, venison and buffalo

all of the following dishes can be prepared with beef, venison or buffalo

Pepper crusted steak of beef, venison or buffalo $13

Sauteed beef with peppers and onions $10

Roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions $13

Pizzas and Calzones

Your choice  of 3 toppings:
local vegetables depending on season: peppers, greens, onions, mushrooms, beets, carrots, green beans, spinach, tomatoes, kim chi

Cheese: Goat cheese, mozarella, jack, provolone

Meat: Chicken sausage, pepperoni, chicken, ground beef, pork sausage

Choice of pesto or tomato sauce

$14 medium (2-3 servings) $18 large (3-4 servings)

Additional toppings $.50 veggies, $1 meat and cheese

Breakfast and Brunch

Maine Homefries: Locally grown potatoes (depending on availability) with garlic, onions, rosemwary and dill fried in Maine butter. $3

Flannel Hash: Shredded beets, potatoes and carrots homefry style. $3

Local Veggie and Egg Omlette: 3 egg omelettes with your choice of vegetables and cheese (ask for what we have available) $4

Spanish Omelette/Tortilla: Eggs and potatoes with your choice of fresh vegetables cooked and broiled topped with cheese. $5

Ployes Pancakes: Maine light buckwheat pancakes with Maine Maple syrup $5

Multigrain blueberry pacakes: Hearty and light pancakes with Maine wild blueberries (when available) and Maine Maple syrup $5

Veggie and Cheese Breakfast Taco: Seasonal vegetables sauteed with local Monterrey Jack cheese, eggs optional $5

Maine Muffins: ask for a current options, including apple, rhubarb, raspberry, blueberry, carrot and more. $2.50 each

Quiches: with eggs, cheese and vegetables (ask for specials) $15 3-4 servings

Fruit and Yogurt: ask for available fruit $3

Bagels n’ Cream Cheese: Locally made bagels with organic cream cheese $2.50


almost all of our deserts can be made with local eggs and dairy or vegan

also we can adjust to make gluten-free, wheat-free or refined sugar free

all desert prices are per person based on servings. 

Fruit Pie (blueberry, strawberry, apple, strawberry rhubarb) $12 per pie (6-8 servings) $4 for a la mode

Pumpkin Pie: good ol' Maine pumpkin pie $12 per pie (6-8 servings)

Apple Crisp: All Maine delight- $3

Double Chocolate Brownie: Chocolate brownie with chocolate chips $2

Tarts (fruit and chocolate) $3

Cookies: Peanut Butter, Chocolate chip, Thumbprint Cookies with Maine jam $2

Smoothies: Fruit and yogurt smoothies $3

Zuchinni Cake: Rich moist cake $3

Zuchinni Chocolate Cake $4

Apple Cake $3

Apple Chocolate Cake $4

Wedding Cake-lemon, chocolate or chocolate raspberry (contact us for a quote)

Birthday Cakes-lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate spice $4

with your choice of vanilla, chocolate (with mint, raspberry, organge, cayenne or plain), lemon, organge

Decorated to your delight!

Espresso Brownies: with a zing! $2.50

Healthy Brownies $2

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mouse Cake $4


Ice Tea  with Local Herbs $2

Hot Tea with Local Herbs $2

Fair Trade Coffee $2

Water w/lemon $1

Fresh Made Lemonade $2
Juice $2

Kombucha a fermented delicious beverage $2.50 (contact at least 1 month ahead to make)