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Starting on July 16th at the Public Market House in Monument Square, the Local Sprouts Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) will provide local and organic prepared food year-round to our members in Portland and provide a cooperative market for local food producers.  The CSK is applying the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model to prepared food by involving people as members of the kitchen and connecting them to the farms grow our food.
Each week the CSK will have a different menu featuring seasonal dishes aspiring to provide 100% local food.  We will also feature food from different cultures and create opportunities for the diverse cultures in Portland to share their food together. Members and others are encouraged to come and help in the kitchen and learn about cooking with whole local foods and cooking seasonally. 

From July 4th to July 16th when we start the CSK we are having a sale on CSK memberships.  For a starting membership of $100 you get a credit of $110 to order from the CSK.  That's a 10% return on your initial investment in the CSK and will help get this kitchen started and build a cooperative local foods economy.  This offer will be available from July 4th to July 16th, so sign up today.

How to become a member of the CSK
Become a member TODAY!
2. Fill out our Onine Form with your information including your favorite foods and dietary needs
3. Pay your membership either by sending us a check or paying through PayPal.  Your initial investment in the CSK will become a credit that you can use for ordering
4. The Week before we start the CSK we will send out a menu with entrees, soups, salads, sides and deserts.
5. You can apply your credit towards weekly purchases and when you order we deduct money from your account. 
6.  You pick up food at the Public Market House on Wednesdays.  We will have lunch time pick-up for certain items and other items will be available between 5-7pm

If you can't pay $100 up front- there is other options.  You can purchase a Time Dollar membership for 10 time dollars, you can become a working member or you can split your membership with roomates, co-workers or your neighbors!

How it works: 

Our menu changes weekly, highlighting seasonal local foods inspired by Maine and cultures from around the world. In addition, we offer many of our specialties on a weekly basis. The menu is posted by Wednesday night each week, and you receive a "CSK Menu is UP" email letting you know that you can now order food.  You pick up your weekly order on Wednesday night.  Delivery may be option, contact us if you're interested in this option.

Each week we will offer a menu which will include at least:
2 entrees ($6-12 per serving)
2 salads ($3-10 per serving)
2 soups ($3-8 per serving)
2 side dishes ($3-10 per serving)
2 deserts ($2-8 per serving)
Bread and Baked Goods (Prices will vary)

Dishes are priced per serving size.
There will be a required number of orders to carry menu item
Minimum monthly order is $35.
Orders must be placed by Monday to pick up on Wednesdays at 5-7:00 at Market House.
Our weekly menu will be released each Wednesday for the next week.

Starting Membership is $200 for 6 months.  In return you receive $210 worth of credit for the Community Supported Kitchen (this equates to approximately 20-30 servings of entrees, or 50-60 soups).

$300 =$318 credt,
$400 =$426 credit,
$500=$535 credit
$600=$645 credit
$700=$756 credit
$800=$868 credit
$900=$981 credit
$1000=$1100 credit

Memberships investments of less than $400 are for 6 months.
Memberships of $400 or more are for 1 year.

Become a member TODAY!

Payment options: Check or Paypal

    1) Checks can be sent to: Local Sprouts Cooperative, 644 Congress St. Portland, ME 04101.

    2) Paypal
    Go to and transfer money to our account using our email address:

If you deplete your starting credit you can add more money to your account or pay as you go.  Until the end of the 6 month period. 

Working members:
6 hours a month for a basic membership, one $36 order a month. 
We will have 8 worker members every 6 months.  Contact us if you are interested in becoming a working member. 

Scholarships & Time Dollars 

We want to make local food accessible and available to people.  We are offering some Time Dollar and scholarship memberships that are based on a sliding scale for payment.  We also can work out a payment plan with our members.  Please contact us to talk about any of these options.

For packaging: 
We will use fabric & paper bags, boxes, glass jars and other reusable containers. There is a deposit on reusable containers.

How can I get involved?
    You can intern or volunteer in our kitchen by contacting or 207-615-9970.