Providing Local and Organic Food to Non-Profit Organizations and People in Maine  through Growing Opportunities for Youth, Immigrants and Elders to Holisitcally Learn through Cooking Food for our Community.

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in Portland, Maine


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Local Sprouts is a culinary and cultural organization that focuses on cooking local food to connect people to share food, mutual support, knowledge and develop local self-reliance. We have three main branches: Local Sprouts Community Supported Kitchen, Cooperative Catering and Community Learning and Food.

Our Community Supported Kitchen provides a weekly menu of local seasonal meals, salads, soups, breads, sweets and more available to our members at the Public Market House in Monument Square, Portland.

Our Cooperative Catering provides delicious, creative, local and organic food to non-profit organizations and people for events, seasonal dinners, meetings, parties, weddings, conferences, trainings, gatherings and more.

Our Creative Local Lunch Program provides free local food lunches and creative, ecological and nutritional programs to kids in Portland.

Our Community Potluck Dinners bring community members together to share food, knowledge, and music and to connect with local organizations and projects.