German Unconference 2018

Event summary: 

Date: 26.04.2018 - 27.04.2018 

Starting time: 09:00 

Location: Smart Data Forum//Salzufer 6 //10587 Berlin

Quick Info:

The event will be divided into two tracks:

Track 1: Unconference 

On Thursday 26.04.2018 we will have an Unconference (s. below) - this is particularly interesting for professionals working in localization who want to discuss the state of the industry. However everyone is invited to join in! 

Track 2: Translathon & Hackathon

On Friday 27.04.2018 we will have two parallel programs, one for the language experts and one the hackers and coders. However, it will be possible to collaborate and work in teams to tackle some challenges in localization and languages in tech. You can work on all kinds of ideas (i.e. Natural language processing, NLP)


For 15 € if you register until the end of 2017!

From March 2018 the price will be: 25 €

On the 26th of April 2018 the price will be 40 € (Late Rate)

Prices for the Hackathon and Translatathon stay at 15 €

DISCLAIMER: Eventbrite charges 1,93 € on top of every ticket.

What's an unconference? 

For those of you who haven't been to one of our events yet:

You know how great it is when you go to a localization conference and you connect with a colleague between sessions? A great conversation about some shared issues and some solutions relevant to your internationalization and localization life.

Now, that experience can be the conference. No stuffy general sessions or arcane topics. No audience reading e-mail during presentations. No terrible suits. No buses to social events. And no PowerPoint karaoke or sales pitches.

Instead, only your internationalization and localization topics hosted in a discussion format between you and your peers.

It’s the opposite of a conference – it’s an unconference.

The German localization un-conference also features two pro bono tracks: a hackathon and a translathon. The un-conference takes place on Thursday; the hackathon/translatathon runs on Friday. Please register individually for each event!

Why attend the Localization Unconference 2018?

Learn from others, share your own know-how and find sparring partners to discuss what’s on top of your mind.
The objective of this year’s Localization Unconference is to cover trending topics in the localization industry beyond hype and fluff.
In the past, topics raised and discussed by the participants were career prospects in the localization industry, quality in localization, MT post editing, open-source tools in localization and more.

Unconferences - also called barcamps - are all about peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. The agenda is defined at the start based on the interests and proposals of all participants. As a result, the sessions cover what’s hot in the industry, success stories and best practices. Next ot that, there are also sessions where participants also ask for input, discuss challenges that they face, explore new ideas and develop solutions together. Experiences are that unconferences have a high return on investment: learnings and insights thanks to picking the brains of the entire community and strong relationships thanks to lively discussions and collaboration.

Where is the fun?

The very kind people at the Smart Data Forum have allowed us to hold the event at their venue, close to the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)!


Join us at:

Smart Data Forum
Salzufer 6
10587 Berlin

Smart Data Forum

When do we meet?

The Unconference/Hackathon will be from Thursday April, 26th to Friday April, 27th 2018. Starting from roughly 9 am.


Thursday, 26 Apr 2018: Localization Unconference

08:30 – Entry and registration

09:00 – Welcome

09:30 – Session planning moderated by organizers

10.00 – Morning sessions
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Afternoon sessions

17:30 – Closure moderated by organizers

18:00 – End of the unconference


Friday, 27 Apr 2018: Hackathon & Translatathon

08:30 – Entry and registration

09:00 – Welcome and briefing by the organizers

09:30 – Kick-off
12:00 – Lunch
13:45 – Translatathon: Get together & closure, end at 17h
             Hackathon: To be continued/open end

Want to partake in the discussion? Join the XING-Group here:

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All the best and see you there,

The Unconference Team