Upcoming event: Toronto unconference 2016 - Registration now live


Come enjoy the Localization unconference Toronto on February 25, 2016!

This is the 3rd official Canadian edition of the Localization unconference:

Spend a full day with your industry colleagues discussing your localization related topics, learning from your peers, and networking. The event (including coffee and lunch) is free of charge. 

Why not register right now! 

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The unconference Format

The unconference format is designed to facilitate a spontaneous, free-flowing exchange of ideas in a non-sales, non-threatening environment.

In the opening session, unconference participants suggest and promote discussion topics of their choice. The participants then vote to determine which topics will actually be addressed during the ensuing three to four sessions.

The sessions themselves are moderated to ensure fluidity, but are not structured, per se. Prepared presentations are not given, but participants are expected to engage in the conversation to put forth concepts, commentary, and counterpoint. (also see What's an unconference exactly?

The Organizers

The Localization Unconference Toronto is being organized by Jenny Reid, Localization Project Manager, BlackBerry; Oleksandr Pysaryuk, Localization Manager, Achievers; and Richard Sikes, Principal Consultant, Localization Flow Technologies.