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·Assemblyman Phil Ramos Genealogy Papers

·Long Island History books and pamphlets

· Brentwood History books and pamphlets

· Brentwood History scrap books

· Newspaper Archives

· Long Island Forum and Index

· Artifacts from Brentwood’s History

· Brentwood History Displays

· Brentwood History Power Point Presentation

· Genealogy Reference Collection

· Heritage Quest Database for genealogical research

· Photographs and map collection on Brentwood History

· Long Island History VHS & DVD’s

· Brentwood Real Estate Brochures

· Brentwood Bulletin” 1957-1960

· Brentwood High School Yearbooks

· Verne Dyson’s Scrap books and manuscript

· Brentwood Historic Post Card Collection

· Dr. Edward Newberry’s Phrenology Drawing Collection

· Oral History Collection

· Primary Documents Collection

· New York Times Historical Database 1851-2001 


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