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The Local Biz Bucks™ website takes pride in the fact that we are the only online coupon website in the Twin Cites that lives up to the pledge of being truly “local.”

Since shopping “locally” has become important to consumers, coupons/offers and listings placed within each geographic area must be located within a reasonable distance of the geographic area to qualify for placement in that area (or if you have a business that performs on location).

See our FAQ's for Businesses/Advertisers page for more info, or contact us to see if your business qualifies to be listed in this geographic area.

However, you may purchase Tile Ad on any page you wish. Click on Tile Ad for more information.

You'll want to stay tuned... We'll be adding even more geographic areas of the Twin Cities as we continue to develop the Local Biz Bucks™ website. Your area will be coming soon!

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