3092 Meeting Minutes June 14th,2018 5:15 pm

  1. Present board members:Paul C.,Jeramy P.,Julie K.,Chris B.,Maura L.,Kim R.
  2. Nomination vote to send to the Council 93 Convention in September 2018 in Danvers.11 out of 14 members voting to send 2 delegates and alternates.The 2 delegates will be Maura Lafauce and Jeramy Powell.Alternate that will go is Rebecca Zborowski.No one else nominated that could attend. Julie cannot attend due to personal reasons.
  3. Still looking for vacation donations to Kevin Donovan from the car accident. Members suggested to post flyers,send it out in the mail or person email.
  4. Members suggested we look into the School Department possibly having a sick bank.Something to model ours after.
  5. The Housing members (3092A) have voted in favor,of their contract MOA.That same week it was approved by the Housing Board at their monthly meeting.
  6. Treasurer's Report,ending monthly balance $47,346.05
  7. Motion to approve the May meeting minutes.Seconded and approved with one change-“#6 Golf Tournament Unfortunately AFSCME did not save us any spots for the golf tournament,so we are unable to send anyone”.
  8. Maura suggested a Member BBQ/Party at the Auburndale Cove in the Fall.Steve V. will look into booking the Cove for us in September. We’ll send out an email looking for volunteers to help with the planning.
  9. Motion to adjourn,seconded.

"Weingarten Rights"

If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer or steward be present at the meeting. Without representation I choose not to participate in the discussion.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 5/17/2018 5:15 pm

    1. Present board members: Alan L, Paul C, Jeremy P, Julie K, Chris B and Maura L
    2. Nomination Vote to send additional delegates to the National Convention July 15th in Boston was voted on. Everyone voted to send Julie and Maura with alternatives: Jeramy P and Chris B.
    3. The newest MOA has been added to the Union Website.
    4. A fellow union member in Dispatch was in a horrible car accident at the beginning of April. He’s needed a lot of time off to recover and while he intially had ample time off he’s now running out of time quickly. Julie will be sending out an email about donating additional days to him. Every vacation day helps tremendously. There is GOFUNDME page for him if anyone wants to donate: Dunnie”s Road to Recovery
    5. A motion was made and seconded for the union to give him $250 to pay for his health care deductibles for 4 weeks and it was seconded and all were in favor.
    6. Golf Tournament - Unfortunately AFSCME did not save us any spots for the golf tournament, so we will not send anyone.
    7. Contract bargaining suggestions were solicited.
    8. Open Enrollment is going on till June 15th 5pm If you need to make a change.
    9. Treasurer's Report: Council Check: $423.70 Expenses for the month: $253.48 Total assets: $47,723.19
    10. Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last two months, seconded and approved.
    11. Motion to adjourn, seconded.

City of Newton Retirement

Massachusetts Retirement Page

Did you know that being a member of Local 3092 you...

Have access to discount theme park tickets.

Free or discounted legal service.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 4/12/2018 5:15 pm

    1. Julie, Maura, Kim R, Jeremy, Paul and Alan all present.
    2. Negotiations will begin shortly for 3092 and 3092B (Inspectors). We will solicit ideas for the contract from members shortly.
    3. Negotiations for 3092A (Housing) are ongoing because it did not ratify at the most recent contract talks. Negotiations will resume shortly.
    4. There’s a golf tournament for AFSCME on June 25th. If any members are interested they can submit their name as we’ll be sending two members. Names to be picked at May meeting.
    5. Lunchtime meetings - there have been requests for them and after meeting with HR they will try accommodate us as long as it’s not every meeting.
    6. Paul Cammisaro is taking over on the board for Kim Hewitt who left the city for another job.
    7. Health Club Reimbursement through Tufts up to $150 per year per family f you send them the appropriate documentation. Julie will share these instructions or a link via email soon.
    8. The International Convention for AFSCME this year is in Boston, July 2018. Delegates to be voted on at May meeting.
    9. There’s a public meeting for the Retirement Board on COLA in April. Julie will send out more details via email.
    10. Last month the dues vote passed but still need to be approved through AFSCME international as it’s a constitutional item.
    11. Treasurer's report by Jeremy.
    12. We sent flowers to a member whose family member passed away recently. She was very appreciative.
    13. Motion to adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 3/15/2018 5:15 pm

    1. Roll Call - Present: Alan, Chris, Julie, Maura, Jeremy, Kim H and Kim R all present.
    2. Kim Hewitt - executive board member is leaving us for a new job. She has been a vital part of the board for the last few years. We wish her the best!
    3. Old business - we needed an accountant to go over our books. We finally found someone who will go over our books and get back to us with estimates. He will talk to us (come to a members meeting) after Tax season in May or June.
    4. Treasurer's Report - Expenses $1093.39 Expenses $587 Cash $47186.22
    5. Approval of January meeting minutes - Motion to approve, seconded.
    6. February meeting cancelled due to weather.
    7. Good and Welfare - we made a donation to the VFW that we were going to have the winter party at which they appreciated (due to the fact we cancelled the party at their location).
    8. New Business - Discussion & Vote for proposed constitution change - Article IV, Section 3 The membership dues of the local shall be $11.00 a week. 20 people present. Vote taken. 16 yes’s and 4 no’s. The vote passed.
    9. Motion to adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 1/11/2018 5:15 pm

    1. Summary Handout of last 2 years of accomplishments as a union board.
    2. Discussion for Dues Increase & Vote at February meeting. Julie discussed the handout provided at the meeting. AFSCME is raising the minimum amount to $8.95 which would leave us $.05 cents per member per week and the 10% of what we send AFSCME paid back to us. Julie laid out the difference reasons why we’d like to raise it by $2.00 including grievances, litigations, the cost of auditing the books for 3092 and the unknown of a new administration and the Supreme Court case that could create massive challenges for unions nationally. Discussion Ensued
    3. Winter Party 1/26 - Flyers should be posted around the city. - Cancelled
    4. Website will have the constitution, and the current contract with current MOA which also will include the housing contract.
    5. Discussion for Accountant vs. Trustees (3 Members). Instead of hiring an accountant (year to year in the future, we have to at least use an accountant once) to go through our books on a yearly basis and certifying them we could instead have three elected trustees elected to do it for us instead.
    6. Please keep track of your vacation and special leave time as we’ve gotten a lot of complaints from members that are being told different (sometimes incorrect things).
    7. Future Meeting Dates: 2/7, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14
    8. Treasurer's report: Money in: $335.58 Money Out: $3,308.00 Total Cash: $45,728.97
    9. It was suggested that as a Union we join or sponser members at an event like a run for charity etc.
    10. Motion to Adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 12/20/2017 5:15 pm

3092 Meeting Minutes - 12/20/2017 5:15 pm

    1. Roll Call: Present: Julie, Maura, Chris, Alan, Kim and Kim
    2. New Executive Board: each position ended up being unopposed so no election was needed. After the November meeting, Paul Cammisaro 3092B decided to decline the nomination (done in writing). Election was cancelled as not needed. Paul will be a Steward for 3092B and on the negotiation committee in the spring for the new contract.
    3. Upcoming meetings 5:15pm 1/11/18 in the Drucker Auditorium at the Newton Free Library the one after that will be on 5:15pm 2/8/18 back at City Hall.
    4. Winter Party will be on Jan 26th again at the Marine Corps League. Location: 215 Mt Auburn St Watertown. Start time: 6 pm.
    5. Vacation Carry Over - You can carry 5 vacation days till August 31st of the following year. According to our contract, anything above that amount will be lost and not go into your sick bank/special leave. Discussion ensued.
    6. EOC - Paid Storm Volunteers: they’re still looking for more people to work the phones during snow emergencies for the city. By volunteering you’ll be on a list that will be called by seniority to help customer service on the phones during a snow emergency for the City. You will be paid OT for this.
    7. New Mayor will be meeting with all the Unions Executive Boards sometime in January or February. Julie wanted to set up an individual meeting in December but the new Mayor decided to meet with all the unions at the same time.
    8. Old Business:
      1. Signing Bonuses, Retro Pay and 2% back pay checks have all been paid.
      2. Watch for additional steps for everyone at 15 years or less to step again Jan 1st (unless it was someone hired in the last two years then they have different anniversary dates)
      3. Anyone who hit their 5 year anniversary in 2017 should get all their special leave on Jan 1st, 2018 instead of accruing it on a monthly basis.
    9. Treasurer's Report: Jeramy is absent so no Treasurer's Report for this month.
    10. Motion to approve October’s and November's meeting minutes. Seconded, and approved.
    11. Donated a basket for the Needham VFW fundraiser for the Vets.
    12. Motion to adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 11/16/2017 5:15 pm

3092 Meeting Minutes - 11/16/2017 5:15 pm

    1. Tom Lopez - came to speak about his qualifications in running for the retirement board.
    2. Roll Call - Julie, Maura, Jeramy, Alan, Kim, Chris and Al
    3. Nominations - Julie Kelly was nominated for President, and accepted. Vice President - Maura, Jeramy, Alan all nominated and unopposed and accepted. E-board - Kim Ritcey, Kim Hewitt, Paul Cammisaro, and Christine Brunelle all nominated & accepted.
    4. Clothing allowance will be coming out next week
    5. Possible Party Dates: Jan 26 or Feb 2nd, Steve has to check on availability.
    6. Signing bonus and ratification of our contract - Maureen said they’d take it before the Alderman to pass on 11/20/17 but it might be postponed. More to come. Update we’ve received the signing bonuses and back-pay adjustment checks.
    7. Please let the board know if you become aware of any positions within our union that become vacated.
    8. With RuthAnne Fuller winning the election for Mayor it will be very important for us to participate in the community over the next 4 years to strengthen our position in it.
    9. Julie reported the convention went well and we donated a basket for the AFSCME scholarship fund.
    10. Julie and Chris also went to a new union member orientation training that was very helpful.
    11. Treasurer's Report: Total Cash Assets: $47,586.65
    12. We will bring Oct and Nov meeting minutes to next meeting.
    13. Motion to Adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 10/19/2017 5:15 pm

3092 Meeting Minutes - 10/19/2017 5:15 pm

    1. Roll Call - Present: Julie, Alan, Chris, Jeramy, Maura and Kim
    2. Ernie Krieger from Voya spoke about retirement accounts including 457 and other plans.
    3. Jim Durkin spoke from council 93 - four state council - spoke on endorsing candidates as a union and why it’s important and not to worry about doing it. Gave examples from around New England where support from local unions helped get candidates elected. Julie then spoke about all the positives surrounding Scott Lennon. She noted that Amy Sangiolo gave her support to Scott Lennon as they have worked together for 16 years. Discussion Ensued.
    4. Motion to vote was asked for to endorse Scott Lennon. There was a unanimous vote to support him. Jim Durkin then spoke about a mailing to let everyone know we support him from Council 93 and potentially a blip in the Newton Tab.
    5. We voted to send an alternative to the AFSCME convention in Danvers. The motion was seconded and unanimously voted on the motion to send Chris Brunelle.
    6. Jay Bradley came to formally introduce himself as a candidate for retirement board.
    7. Old Business - Waiting on hearing the dates for the Healthcare holiday, should be in early November. Julie is also waiting on confirmation to when we’ll get our signing bonus from the ratification of the newest contract we just voted on which passed 109-4 in favor of it.
    8. Approval of September Minutes - seconded and passed
    9. Treasury Report Jeramy -
    10. Good and Welfare - Made a donation in the name of Mary Santos husband. We want to thank Kathy and Steve for running the vote for the contract.
    11. Motion to adjourn, seconded.

3092 Meeting Minutes - 9/14/2017

3092 Meeting Minutes - 9/14/2017 5:15 pm

    1. Roll Call - Present: Julie, Al, Alan, Chris, Jeramy and Kim
    2. New Business - If you leave the union for a non-union position in the city please make sure dues stop being taken out of your check.
    3. Retirement Board Elections: Tom Lopez is running for the open spot. He's the fire union president. Ballots sent by mail in November, return by December 6th.
    4. Union Convention: We need to still vote on a second member to go. Al Gifford nominated Maura Lafauce and Alan seconded it. Votes were tallied at the meeting as to Yes or No to Maura going. 16 people voted - 16 yes for President and 16 yes for Maura Lafauce.
    5. June Meeting Minutes - Motion, seconded and approved.
    6. Health Care Holiday - November where the city does not take out health care dues out of our pay checks. We are not sure of the exact dates yet.
    7. Contract Negotiations - Are ongoing, we hope to have a tentative agreement with the city soon.
    8. Mayor’s race is down to two people: Scott Lennon and Ruth Anne Fuller. As a union we need to get together and support Scott Lennon. Ruth Anne Fuller is very anti-union and makes no secret of it. She also wants major to reform the City Pensions which hurts members long term.
    9. Treasury Report Jeramy...
    10. Upcoming Meetings - Oct 19th - Ernie Krieger, Financial Advisor at Voya, For City of Newton 457 Plans will speak. Nov. 16th and the December meeting date has yet to be determined.
    11. Motion to adjourn - seconded





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3092 Meeting Minutes - 6/8/2017 5:15 pm

3092 Meeting Minutes - 6/8/2017 5:15 pm

    1. Roll Call - Present: Julie, Alan, Al, Kim, Jeramy, Maura Chris
    2. Newton School Custodians - The city is trying to outsource their jobs, we ask that you support their efforts in trying to prevent that from happening. T-Shirts supporting the effort were handed out. Discussion ensued.
    3. Afscme t-shirts and water bottles
    4. Newsletter went out and we got 6 more new email address added to AFSCME group mailing list.
    5. Lottery for council 93 golf tournament -
    6. Insurance advisory committee met - Open enrollment is going on now - Epipen - Urgent care centers were a topic of conversation - they will make a list of urgent care centers that are actually urgent care centers we can use. Other unions were talking about Imed in which you can get a eye check each year. More info to come. Canadian perscriptions program “Canarx” was talked about. They talked about increasing wellness programs. Healthcare Holliday in Oct Nov there will be a couple weeks where we won’t get charged for healthcare.
    7. Unclaimed paychecks - many posted to the city website from 2015 - please check as they need to be claimed by the end of June.
    8. Mayoral Race - We looked at how other unions questioned candidates and copied that formula asking all the candidates similar questions. We haven’t received all their answers yet. Stay tuned.
    9. Scott Lennon received the majority of members votes at the meeting.
    10. Julie asked for any other ideas for negotiating in the new contract. - Suggestions: Carrying over a second week, starting a group sick bank - something that allows a partner to be under your health care plan without needing to be married, Discussion Ensued.
    11. Step Raise grievance resolution is close to being resolved - Julie explained the issue that was created between going from the last contract to the new contract and that some people were owed money as a result of the city making mistakes in pay. As a result a grievance was filed and it has taken multiple years to rectify. Julie will send an email out to members to reiterate what she said about this at the meeting. With all the payroll errors Julie was able to get approximately $14,000 back to the members as a result of the city’s errors.
    12. Treasurer's report - get from Jeramy
    13. If there is a need to make a donation for a passed family member please let us know.
    14. Minutes approval - approved
    15. Motion to adjourn - seconded

3/9/2017 Meeting Minutes

3092 Members Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2017 5:15pm

    1. Roll Call - Executive board members present: Julie, Alan G., Alan L., Kim, Jeramy and Maura
    2. Contract negotiations will be starting soon. All of the executive board members will have to sign a confidentiality contract in regards to negotiating the contract with the city. This means we can’t talk about ongoing negotiations while they’re happening with members. We will present the members with the best package possible. We will ask for email suggestions on contract negotiations (there will be an email to follow). Suggestions that have already come up include, snow pay, maternity leave, health insurance, new employee health insurance options, sick leave bank improvement, bereavement leave and avoiding an overlap between contracts (which created issues with previous contracts). Discussion Ensued.
    3. Contract distribution - The contract was printed and copies were available at the meeting for members. There are copies for all members. Please see Julie, Maura or Jeramy if you have not received a copy. The contracts were negotiated as of 7/1/14. Anything that changed after that (like the library’s reorganization) is not in the contract.
    4. June 30th the contract is up, we’ll (the executive board) will see how the negotiations open up with the city and report back to the members accordingly.
    5. Treasurer’s Report - Council Check: $1,325.62 Expenses: $2,227.03 (Holiday party and memorial flowers) Total Cash after income and expenses: $43,998.94
    6. Julie thanked everyone for their support in her family’s time of need and the flowers.
    7. Last month's meeting minutes were approved and seconded.
    8. The next three meetings are April 6th, May 11th and June 8th all at city hall cafe unless otherwise announced.
    9. Motion to adjourn - seconded and approved.

Local 3092 Website: sites.google.com/site/local3092

Local 3092 Facebook Page: Afscme Local 3092

1/12/2017 Meeting Minutes

3092 Meeting Minutes - 1/12/2017 5:15 pm

Board present: Maura L., Jeramy P., Christine, Kim and Alan

    1. Motion to approve last month's meeting minutes - seconded and approved.
    2. Bruce from Employee Assistance Services (EAP) spoke about the services available to Union Members. Many services/supports available including mental health support to child care to elderly care etc. The website is: www.cmgassociates.com (sign-in: newton) All communication with EAP is confidential. Nothing is shared with the city except statistical data on the overall use of the resources. Childcare, summer camps, tutors, seniorcare, improved health, petsitting, legal consultation and referral (25% reduction in rate if you use the lawyer that was recommended) financial counseling, saving center (coupons etc.). All staff are psychologists or clinical social workers. If you call you can schedule up to 3 sessions for free and then EAP will work with you if you need to continue to get your insurance to kick in for continued visits. All family living with you are covered.
    3. Treasurer's report - $529.44 Council Check - Total Expenses -$3420.13 Current balance - $44,900.85
    4. Maura let everyone know that Julie Kelly’s mother passed away. The local will be sending flowers on our behalf.
    5. Maura asked for help with the party planning for our upcoming holiday party (tentative date is still 2/3/16).
    6. Floor was opened to questions to and conversation ensued.
    7. Motion to adjourn - seconded and adjourned.

12/15/16 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 12/15/16 5:15pm

    1. Roll Call - Julie, Alan, Kim and Chris were present. Other members had family emergencies or were sick.
    2. Open enrollment for new flex spending email went out to all members.
    3. We’re wrapping up pet donations for senior citizens.
    4. Julie got a copy of the HR Phone list and will send it out to members via email.
    5. Facebook page is going to be made private in order to make things safer, more info to come.
    6. Winter Party - Maura is looking into locations currently, more info to come. Discussion ensued as to different potential locations.
    7. Jeremy is still finishing up details with union t-shirts. Hopefully they’ll be done by the party.
    8. EOC is still looking for union members to be on call to work snow emergencies.
    9. Step Raise Grievance - Julie met again with Teri about it but no direction yet.
    10. Updated contract - Final edits were suggested by executive board members for HR to fix. Copies should be available shortly.
    11. Treasurer's Report - Incoming: $1383.48 Expenses: $28.89 - Balance: $46,466.90
    12. A variety of members donated extra vacation time to other members who were in need. Thanks to those who gave.
    13. Upcoming meeting dates for 2017: 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/6, 5/11, 6/8.
    14. Union website:http://sites.google.com/site/local3092
    15. Union email: afscmelocal3092@gmail.com
    16. Approval of September and November meeting minutes. Both were seconded and approved.
  1. Adjournment - seconded.

11/10/2016 Meeting Minutes

3092 Meeting Minutes - 11/10/2016 5:15 pm

    1. EOC is looking for paid volunteers during winter storms.
    2. Holiday collection - We’re thinking of doing something for Seniors. Potentially collect items for animals that seniors own but may not be able to afford. Other ideas are welcome.
    3. Winter Party/Holiday Party - Julie has been trying to nail down a date that might work during the winter. February 3rd is the tentative date that we’re aiming for. More details to come.
    4. Jeramy is looking into having shirts made up for members. More details to come.
    5. Vacation/sick time - we’ve learned that payroll person might not give you the additional vacation time you deserve (when you hit the yearly benchmarks 5, 10, 15 and 25 years) without you asking for it. Please check with your payroll keeper or HR if you believe you’re owed more.
    6. Steward Training - Steward training will be offered on November 19th in Jamaica Plains (Counsel 93 Wide) please speak to Julie or a board member if you’re interested.
    7. Open enrollment for Dependent Care /Flex Spending - The city will be finding a new company instead of WageWorks. It’s currently out to bid, more details to come when they do change over.
    8. Contract Integration - Everything has been put together and is in Maureens hands awaiting final approval for us to hand out copies to members.
    9. Step Raise Issue/Grievance is still in Maureen’s hands and we’re awaiting decision to determine how we’ll move forward.
    10. Maura and Julie are working on introductory letter for new members and a better system for welcoming them to our union.
    11. Weingartner Rights - are posted on the Union website: http://sites.google.com/site/local3092/ please take a look.
    12. Treasury Report: Incoming money for the month: $963.61 Jeramy outlined purchases totaling $761 leaving a net of $263.30 net for the month. The total amount we have in the bank for the union is: $46.466.90
    13. The updated local 3092 constitution is now posted on the union’s website.
    14. Motion to adjourn, seconded.
9/8/2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes June 2016



Meeting Minutes 4/14/16

3092 Members Meeting Minutes - April 14, 2016 5:15pm

    1. Roll call of officers and sign sheet, agenda and 3/10/16 meeting minutes were passed around. 20 members were in attendance.
    2. Kelly Byrne from the retirement board handed out pamphlets on the retirement. They’re located next to the Cafe. Retirement is in no way connected to the City. Any conversations with retirement are confidential. Benefits: Pension eligibility, membership date is not same as hire. It’s when you first started paying into the retirement system. Mass state law 32 had a huge benefit restructure in April 2012 which affects how long it will be till you retire (specifically for those hired after 2012). Vesting is when you’ve worked at least 10 years. Generally speaking if you leave before you have 10 years of service, you can roll it over, if continuing to another Mass job you can continue it with that state organization. Terminate and have at least 10 years in and you can defer till retirement at 55 and collect a small pension and get health insurance (but the health insurance part could change in the future depending on local and federal regulation). Prior public service (work) needs to be accounted for when looking at your own pension, prior part time service can be bought up and then added to your overall time in. Maximum pension is 80% of the high 3 year average during your service. Let retirement know approximately 2 years before you want to retire to get an estimate. There are 3 options when retiring (see hand out or speak to retirement office). Option A, you get paid out the maximum possible. Option B, slightly less (%0.9) then A but on death the remaining amount of your pension can be paid out to the as many beneficiaries as you designate. Option C is %7.1 less than A but allows you to designate one beneficiary to receive a approximately 50% of your pension on death on a monthly basis for the rest of the beneficiary’s life. Social security, check with social security to see what your offset might be. Do the work to research and understand the landscape before you retire! Questions on Option D (which is active while you’re employed) - is to pick a beneficiary before retirement in case something happens to you. If not chosen, a spouse or beneficiary has choice between one time payout or monthly payout. Divorce: the only way a money can be deducted from your pension is via the “Domestic Relations Order” (If this pertains to you please let Retirement know before any motions are filed). Newton’s Retirement website is: www.newtonma.gov/retire and the Massachusetts retirement website is: www.massretirees.com ***See Kelly in retirement for more information on any of the above***
    3. Julie asked if everyone had a chance to review the meeting minutes from the 3/11/16 meeting. Asked for approval- and it was unanimously approved.
    4. Julie spoke about sending a second delegate to the international convention which happens every two years. First step is to vote by ballot (during this meeting) and if it passes then have a motion as to who to send. Maura was going to speak but unfortunately could not attend the meeting. Question was asked if we could put off the vote till next meeting when Maura could speak, answer is no because it can’t be voted on to close to the actually convention (which is during the summer). Expenses for convention, airline tickets, one room shared by two (female delegates) and food costs which are preset for the convention. Afscme has some discounts but it doesn’t amount to much.
      • Vote was taken: passed 19 to 1
      • Maura was nominated, it was seconded and passed. No one else was nominated.

5. Julie discussed creating a letter to introduce the union to new hires

Suggested: names and emails of board members Website and FB page

6. There will be a stewards training on 5/14/16 Current stewards are Kathy Zegarelli and Steve Vezeau for City Hall, Juan Saez and Steve Tocci for Housing, Alice Bailey for Senior Center, and Robin McLaughlin for Parks & Rec.

7. Pay issues are still going on but are almost done. Contract books HR is working on and we’re hoping to have them done for the next meeting. All MOA’s need to be added to the contract with page numbers and steps grid.

8. Jeramy spoke on going to a treasurer's workshop which goes over many financial issues and trainings in regards to Union Treasurers, Our budget is currently at $46,500. Member asked for more detailed summary of the budget, Jeramy agreed to bring something to the next meeting. Jeramy suggested looking into a low risk interest bearing account for the Union’s funds.

9. Julie spoke about Afscme golf tournament and softball tournament (just for fun)

10. Alan read the card we received from Mary Cicciu

11. Julie spoke about short term insurance from Aflac. A representative will speak at the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes 3/10/16

3092 Members Meeting Minutes ­ March 10, 2016 5:15pm

1. Sign­in sheet passed around to collect names and email addresses

2. Roll Call of Officers­ Alan Gifford, Jeramy Powell, Christine Brunelle, Julie Kelly, Kim

Hewitt, and Maura LaFauce present. Absent Alan Long.

3. Meeting minutes from 2/11/16 brought for approval:

a. Debbie Gentile, Health Dept­ asked about stipend/vote re: will Board members

b. Robin, Health Dept­ asked about whether there are by­laws for the eBoard get paid if they don’t attend meetings

i. Pat answered it’s in the local constitution

ii. Jeramy will put them on the website

c. Meeting Minutes approved: Majority (15) approved, 4 did not approve

4. Pat Glynn (AFSCME Council 93­ Director of Strategic Planning) spoke to concerns per last meeting re: due raises, rumors about AFSCME paying for Supreme Court case (Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Assoc) Glynn clarified that AFSCME is affected by the case but isn’t paying for it. They have filed an Amicus Brief in support of the union

(does not cost). Glynn discussed “free riders” and their effect on the union as a whole. Also mentioned Scalia’s death and impact on the decision. Hopefully get the decision by June but there are 27 other cases going after union’s right to collect agency fees and to collective bargaining. No money collected in dues can be spent on politics. Members can elect to pay extra per month to support AFSCME’s political work (MVP status per the “People Program”)

a. Steve, Print Shop, asked for clarification about dues

i. Dues are adjusted periodically (avg. approx .50 per year)

ii. Jeramy will add section about dues on website

b. Robin, Health, asked whether you have a choice to be in the union as an employee of Newton (non­H grade) or if you can transfer into a different union. Pat: State Labor Board takes care of creating bargaining units

5. Treasurer’s Report (Jeramy):

a. Increase of about 8% per year

b. No big expenses:

i. Would like to have files audited by a certified accountant

1. Debbie asked purpose of audit

ii. Small expenses like gift baskets, etc

6. Review of proposed Constitution changes to Members prior to voting::

a. Mary Moreau asked about membership numbers. Julie: as of today we have 167 members, but it fluctuates as people are hired, fired, retire, quit, etc.

b. Item 1 + 2 re: Trustees. Council has no record of trustees. Debbie asked whether we should have trustees. Julie says Frank G. said it was voted upon and approved 16 years ago that Trustees were removed from constitution. We do not have those records.

c. Discussion about notice of votes, etc.

d. Item 4: changing title of our Local

e. discussion of Trustees role­ 3 would be elected. They can attend but cannot speak or ask questions. They then perform an audit of the books at the board meetings end of the year. The other choice is to have a CPA do the books and not have trustees. Audit is required every year by AFSCME either by Trustees or CPA.

e. Votes were made on paper and handed in

7. Unfinished Business covered:

a. Backpay/pay issues near resolved

b. Next step is to get contract updated and handed out

i. Robin asked about adding things for next contract. Julie said to email the board with any suggestions.

c. Julie advised to please check email and website, Local also has Facebook page

d. Agenda discussed -­ notice also discussed.

i. Some people would like an agenda a week in advance, others feel fine with 2 days ahead at minimum.

ii. It was agreed that some items may be brought up that were not on the agenda if it’s put online too far in advance as things come up

e. Julie announced that next meeting will have Kelly Byrne from Retirement and she’s trying to schedule someone from AFLAC to come speak to union in May

f. Flowers were sent to Mary Cicciu

g. Discussion of Stewards roles­ act as liaison between board and members, provide information about contracts

h. Robin asked if absentee voting is allowed. International constitution does not allow it

8. Robin motioned to adjourn. Motion accepted 6:30 pm

Post meeting:

Ballots for the proposed Constitution changes were counted: All 4 items were unanimously approved (19 votes yes to all).

20 people were present for the meeting, 1 left during the meeting thus 19 voted.

Present during vote counting: Pat Glynn, Julie Kelly, Maura LaFauce, Jeramy Powell, Alan Gifford, and Kim Hewitt.

Meeting Minutes 2/11/16

3092 Members Meeting Minutes - February 11, 2016 5:15pm

(approximately 25 members present)

    1. Personal e-mail address were collected for future union correspondence (test e-mail will be sent out soon).
    2. Pat Glynn (visiting from AFSCME) updated the members on a Supreme Court case, and that the decision could impact all unions around the country. Four teachers in California (Fredrichs vs The California Teachers Association) are suing the State of CA for the union arguing they should not pay an agency fee. Pat reminded us that Mass has very strong unions, but that this decision impact on our Union. Twenty-two states have right to work laws. AFSCME has created new membership cards to sign and file, proactively letting everyone know how strong our member-base is. They are also working to gain more members by talking with home care-workers. She also spoke briefly on agency fees.
    3. Maura let everyone know about 2 union stewards at City Hall: Kathy Zegarelli and Steve Vezeau
    4. Julie spoke about our upcoming monthly meetings: they will be held every second Thursday of the month. She encouraged everyone to collect personal emails and spoke about the website: www.sites.google.com/site/local3092/
    5. Storm EOC Customer Service - looking for volunteers to man/women the phones during storms and make extra money. Call Garrett in Customer Service if interested or email gross@newtonma.gov.
    6. We are still looking for more Stewards. Speak to an Executive Board Member if interested.
    7. AFSCME Solarships: afscme.org/scholarships
    8. BC Vouchers - Members were upset at a lack of transparency in terms of who gets picked each semester. Julie spoke with HR to clarify how they choose. This last semester there was high demand and only a small number available. She working on getting the process to be more transparent.
    9. Vacation time donation - Too many people donated time to Jeanne Sweeney and the city said they couldn’t give it back, due to many different members from at least three unions donating (which usually doesn’t happen). This is not how it should be handled and Julie will pursue another resolution. Julie also mentioned Jeanne’s thank you letter to all of 3092 included in the agenda.
    10. Members spoke about concern over lack of bank for unused days upon retirement etc. Can there be a possibility of a bank for future use, members who become ill etc. and have a committee on how those days would be divided up.
    11. Over the last 6 weeks Julie has been working with HR (Teri) to meticulously go through everyone’s paychecks in our union and make sure that everything is correct. The next step after getting the issues fixed will be working with HR to get our contract integrated with the past couple of MOA’s. Once that is complete every member will get a complete copy of the current contract. Members expressed unhappiness with the fact HR hasn’t upheld their end of the bargain. Lack of true head of HR hurt Unions ability to communicate.
    12. Constitution Changes: There have been changes made since the constitution was created circa 1995 that were not added to the constitution. We want to update the constitution and have a vote next month on these proposed changes. Delete old verbiage about Trustees, add that the President shall attend all AFSCME international and AFSCME Council 93 Conventions with a second delegate to attend or not attend voted on by the members and re-word how the constitution refers to the Union instead of “Newton City Hall Associates”. ***THIS WILL BE VOTED ON AT THE MARCH MEETING***
    13. In the past it was common practice to reimburse the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer (on the executive board) an amount equal to their dues at the end of each year. In the hopes of being more transparent we wanted to bring it to the members to vote on. A motion was made for the entire board (all 7 board members, instead of only the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) to receive the reimbursement. Pat Glynn (from council) informed us (in person at the meeting) that we were within our rights to vote on the measure at the meeting with a quorum, which we had that night. (Quorum = 10% of our Union. Our total membership is currently between 170-180 members and ~25 were present which was more than needed). The motion was made (by Kim R) for all 7 Executive Board Members to be reimbursed an amount equal to their weekly dues for the year in the form of a stipend at the end of year. Motion was seconded (by multiple members) and unanimously voted for by all members present.

Next Meeting will be held: March 10th, 2016 @ 5:15pm in the Cafeteria in City Hall