Welcome to lobsterclaw's guide to Blacksmithing for Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning!

UPDATE [03.15.2012] 08:23 PST

    Man, I just realized after comparing dates that it's been over a week since I've played and also since I've updated.  I was perusing the forums when I stumbled upon the Official guide and went to check that out.  It looks nice, but I picked out some inaccuracies already, the biggest one being that the recipe for the Rogue shield is off.  Some component values are also off, and it doesn't list all bonuses available to different components.  Not to sound like a jerk, but for an Official guide that I am assuming someone got paid for, it's not what it could be, especially if whoever made it had access to game files to verify.  Anyway, it was a small update.
  • Updated Core and Support components
UPDATE [03.07.2012] 06:23 PST

    I've been away for a few days and unable to update or play, so I apologize for that.  Updates are pretty minimal.  I'm about to hop on and do some stuff so I'll continue to add more tonight after this update, but since it's been a minute, I figured I'd get this out of the way.
  • Added Core and Support components
  • Added Forge locations

UPDATE [03.04.2012] 20:25 PST

    Had some contributions from forums waiting for me when I woke up this morning.  Here are the changes made:
  • added Core and Support components
  • removed weapon gems from Chakram, Sceptre, and Staff recipes
  • added information on where to find Other Support Components
  • created Contributors page to acknowledge people who have contributed
    On that note, if you do contribute through e-mail and want to be recognized, please provide me with an alias so that I can add you to the list as I figure most people wouldn't want me posting their e-mail.

UPDATE [03.03.2012]

While the guide is not complete in its current state, I feel that the community would benefit from what information I've compiled thus far and hopefully be inspired to help me fill in the blanks, seeing as how currently there is no comprehensive guide—at least none that I could find—regarding the skill.  This will be an ongoing project, so any constructive input would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time for your contributions and your time.
    On a side note, I apologize for how ugly the site is.  I used WordPad to construct the entire thing and Courier New to create my "tables", so I'm going to say sorry ahead of time if it's a pain to navigate and/or read.  As I update the content, I will do what I can to make the site prettier and more efficient.