Meet the Company!

New Works / World Traditions is a collection of beautiful people of many different ages, backgrounds, interests, and styles...we have artists, doctors, teachers, and students... *but when we come together, the harmony is mesmerizing*

Director/ Choreographer

Michelle Bach-Coulibaly

Michelle Bach-Coulibaly is an educator, choreographer and dancer who teaches on the faculty of Brown University, where she is Artistic Director of New Works/World Traditions. Her work in West Africa includes the creation of Yeredon, a school for traditional art in Mali, West Africa. She is also on the faculty of Connecticut College, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Theatre Institute, and she directs the children's West African Dance Company; Little Babemba; and performs and teaches in schools throughout the New England states.


Seydou Coulibaly

Seydou Coulibaly is one of Mali's leading dancers, teachers, and choreographers. He began dancing professionally at the age of twelve, with the Artistic Troupe of the District of Bamako, the capital city of Mali, and from 1980 through 1990, was the troupe's highest ranking actor and dancer. Coulibaly has won numerous awards at national Malian dance competitions. In 1988 he was awarded the title of Best Actor and Best Dancer in the piece-The Poor. In 1990 he was again awarded the title of Best Dancer, this time for his role in the ballet The Challenge. In 1992, along with the dance company Komme Djosse of which he is both founder and artistic director, he won a medal from the Malian Minister of the Arts.

Since emmigrating to America, Seydou has been teaching at Brown University, the arts magnet Roger Williams Middle School in Providence, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center at the National Theatre Institute in Waterford, Connecticut, and at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has held the position of Artist-in-Residence at multiple schools throughout New England including The Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, The Windsor School in Boston, Massachusetts, and The Swinburne School in Foster,RI. He teaches classes in Rhode Island which are open to the public are on Sundays at
Ashamu Dance Center. In addition to his teaching career, Seydou dances and choreographs for Babemba USA, a world music and dance ensemble, and he has recently reestablished his company Komme Djosse in the United States.


Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drumset, Djembe and Djun Djun drums, Bass Saxiphone, Vocals




Current Brown Students

Ida Specker:

 Ida is a junior studying anthropology




Daniel Sobol

Mark Brown

Eli Marienthal

Justine Stewart

Marlaina Martin

Tamunoibiaya Briggs

Megan Billman

Lelia Ledain

Grisselle Escotto

Brown Alumni

Eric Ludwig

Isabelle Kalubi

Jori Ketten

Hannah Schwadron

Kira Neel

Anika Schwarzwald

Nora Blackall '08:

Nora is traveling the world and pursuing theater and dance


Nicole Thompson '08:

Nicole is currently applying to Med Shools



Elena Lobo '08:

Elena is currently traveling and applying to Law Schools



Meghan O'Brien '06

Meghan is currently traveling and applying to Med Schools



Ethan Philbrick

Leonora Zoninsein

Mikiko Thelwell '08



Margaret Perkins

Zoe Chao

Almaz Dessie ‘07 MD '11

Almaz is currently studying at Brown University's Medical School  

 Leighton Bryan

Natalie Hirsch

Christine Goding

Alexandra Sevy